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Zonta Club of Charlottetown

Zonta International, organized in 1919, is a service organization of business and professional women. The Zonta Club of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, held its organizing meeting 1 November 1962. The following executive was elected by written ballot: Evelyn Cudmore (president), Mabel Matheson (vice president), Laura Kitchen (secretary) and Anna Riley (treasurer). The chapter participated in blood donor clinics, contributed to various charities, sponsored scholarships for qualified women, published several booklets, organized defensive driving courses and provided innumerable community services. The Zonta Club of Charlottetown disbanded in June of 2006 due to lack of interest, as the membership had dwindled to seven members.

Zonailo, Carolyn

Carolyn Zonailo was born January 21, 1947, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Zonailos paternal great-grandparents were among the 7,500 Doukhobors who came to Canada from Georgia, Russia, in 1899. She is the daughter of Matt Zonailo, a builder and electrician from Castlegar, British Columbia, and Anne Gibb, who immigrated to Canada from Scotland as a young child. Zonailo attended primary and secondary school in Vancouver, B.C. She attended Scripps College in Claremont, California, as well as the University of Rochester in New York. In 1971, Zonailo received a Bachelor of Arts in literature from the University of British Columbia. From the mid 1970s, Zonailo published her poetry in literary magazines, periodicals and anthologies. In 1975, she began studies at Simon Fraser University at Burnaby, British Columbia, and completed a Master of Arts degree in 1980. Zonailo founded Caitlin Press in 1977 and published books of poetry and fiction until 1990. During this period, Caitlin Press published several other west coast poets including Elizabeth Gourlay, David West, Cathy Ford, Beth Jankola, Carole Itter, Norm Sibum, David Conn, Ajmer Rode, and Mona Fertig. In April, 1991, Caitlin Press was sold to Cynthia Wilson and Ken Carling, who relocated the press to Prince George, British Columbia, and changed its scope to fiction, non-fiction, and poetry primarily related to the interior region of British Columbia. In 1991, Zonailo began collaborating with graphic artist and poet Ed Varney to publish poetry broadsides, pamphlets, chapbooks and two anthologies under the imprint the Poem Factory/Usine de Poeme. Their collaboration continued through 1999. Zonailo has served on the board of several writers organizations including the Federation of British Columbia Writers, the League of Canadian Poets, and the Writers Union of Canada. In 1995, Zonailo married poet and teacher Stephen Morrissey and in 2000, they founded Coracle Press. Zonailos interest in mythology, archetypal studies, and Jungian psychology has been incorporated into her writing. Zonailo also writes and lectures in mythology and astrology under the name Carolyn Joyce. Carolyn Zonailo lives in Montreal, Quebec, with her husband, Stephen Morrissey.

Zolf, Larry

Larry Zolf, journalist and writer, was born in 1934. He received a B.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1956, studied Law at Osgoode Law School, Toronto, and has held the position of writer, news and current affairs reporter, producer, and consultant for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto since 1962. He is the author of several books. His novel, 'Scorpions for Sale' (1989) won a nomination for the Leacock Award for Humour.

Zolf, Falek

Joshua Falek Zolf, writer and teacher, was born in 1898 in Poland, where he attended yeshivah from 1909 until the start of World War I. He found work at a leather factory in Yaroslavl, Russia, in 1916 so that he would not be forced into compulsory military service, but the Kerensky revoluntion led Zolf to volunteer for the Russian army. He was captured by the German army on the Galician front, and was a prisoner of war in East Prussia in 1918. He returned to his home village of Zastavia after the war, only to find the area consumed by civil war following the Bolshevik Revolution. He participated in the Jewish reconstruction of Poland starting in 1920, and became a teacher. Zolf emigrated to Canada in 1926 to escape Poland's antisemitism. His wife and children joined him in 1927 and they settled in Winnipeg's North End, where their fourth child, Larry Zolf, was born in 1934. After working as an itinerant teacher, he was appointed teacher and later principal at the Isaac Loeb Peretz Folk School. He was very active in the Yiddish literary community in Winnipeg, and frequently contributed essays to the Yiddish press. The memoirs of Zolf's early years in Europe were published in 1945 under the title, "Oyf fremder erd = On foreign soil," which was translated by Martin Green and re-published in 2000. Zolf also wrote "Di lets·te fun a dor : heymishe gesh·tal·tn = Last of a generation," 1952, and "Undzer ·kul·tur hemshekh : eseyen = Our eternal culture : essays," 1956. Falek Zolf died in 1961.

Zolbrod, Leon M., 1930-

Leon M. Zolbrod earned a Ph.D. from Columbia University and first came to UBC's Department of Asian Studies as a visiting professor of Japanese history and literature in 1967. Zolbrod joined the faculty the following year. His interest in studying the literature of Japan developed from his duties as a member of the U.S. army of occupation in 1948. Zolbrod wrote numerous articles and books on the subject of Japanese literature and history.

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