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McLeod, Donald

Donald McLeod of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, was the son of Neil McLeod (1853-1934) and Ada Ramsay McLeod (1867-1932). One of eight children, Donald's siblings included Norman, William, Reginald, Neil, Kenneth, John, and Allan McLeod.

McLeod (Family)

Neil McLeod (1853-1934) was born on the Isle of Skye, Scotland and followed his parents Roderick and Catherine to Prince Edward Island. From 1879 until 1893 he held the position of Superintendent of the Summerside High School. He resigned to study law and around 1900 opened an office in Summerside as a member of the firm of Warburton, MacKinnon, and McLeod. He was appointed King’s Counsel in 1917. He was popular as a public lecturer and took a keen interest in promoting the public library. For many years he served as chairman of Summerside School Trustees and was active in the Board of Trade. Mr. McLeod married Ada Ramsay (1867-1932) in 1886. She was considered an authority on the history of Summerside and wrote numerous articles about Prince Edward Island for newspapers and magazines. The couple had six sons who survived them: Norman, Donald, William, Reginald, Neil and Kenneth. Two others, John and Allan, died during the First World War.

Steele, Ernest J.

Ernest J. Steele (1918-2002) grew up with five brothers and four sisters on Notre Dame Street, Summerside, Prince Edward Island. His father, John Steele, had a barbershop on Water Street and his grandfather, John Steele, Sr., had served as a policeman in the town. Ernest, known as “Ern,” served overseas from 1940-1945 in the Second World War. Upon his return he worked for thirty-five years with the Canadian National ferry service between Borden, PEI and Cape Tormentine, NB. At the time of his retirement he was Chief Steward.

Mills, Henrietta (Green)

Henrietta Green (1857-1950) was daughter of Harry C. Green (1817-1918) whose father Samuel came from England around 1831 to settle in North St. Eleanors. Henrietta had two brothers and six sisters. Her sister Catherine Green married Holden C. Mills, a cousin of William B. Mills. Sister Eleanor Green was a nurse in the United States for many years. Her sister Frances Green married James N. Clark and lived in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. On 10 December 1878, Henrietta married William B. Mills (1854-1922). William and Henrietta had four children, including Caroline, Ernest, Emma, and Harry.

Mills, William B.

William B. Mills (1854-1922) came to Prince Edward Island from St. John’s, Newfoundland with his older brother Arthur P. Mills around 1860. For many years he ran a general store in Summerside. At the time of his death he had a sister, Mrs. John Pearce in Toronto, and another sister, Lousa Irving in St. John’s. On 10 December 1878 William married Henrietta Green (1857-1950), daughter of Harry C. Green (1817-1918). William and Henrietta had four children, including Caroline, Ernest, Emma, and Harry.

Bonnie Brae Inn

The Bonnie Brae Inn operated at 67 (formerly 64) Central Street, Summerside from 1947 until 1952. The large two and a half storey building, which had previously accommodated travellers as the Mawley House, was constructed in 1907 by J. M. Clark for Jane and Caroline Mawley after their first hotel burned in the 1906 Summerside fire. The proprietor of the Bonnie Brae Inn in the 1950 PEI Directory was listed as Lloyd Anderson. It was advertised as having running water in every room and a dining room that stayed open until 11 p.m. Guests from as far away as British Columbia, Florida, and England stayed for rates varying from two to four dollars a night.

Powell, Bruce

Bruce Powell grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and trained in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the early days of World War II. He came to Prince Edward Island in 1943 to be an instructor at the No. 1 General Reconnaissance School at the RCAF Station Summerside. He and another officer roomed with the Wyatt sisters at 85 Spring Street. Bruce maintained a lifelong friendship with Wanda Wyatt and kept in touch with her from his home in Calgary. He last visited Summerside in 1989.

Green, William E.

William E. Green of Toronto is a descendant of the United Empire Loyalist Daniel Green who settled in 1795 on the land that is now the City of Summerside in Prince Edward Island. The family lineage follows from Daniel to Israel (1792-1869) to James Ira (1845-1893) to Benton Walter (1882-1942), the grandfather of William E. Green. Benton Green moved to Halifax around 1917 where he worked as a manager with the firm of Wood Brothers. He married Ella Jean Dowling of Summerside in 1909 and they had three children, including Kenneth (1910-1998), the father of William E. Green.

Hopkirk, John (Jock)

John (Jock) Hopkirk (1913-1998) was born in Glasgow, Scotland and came to Canada as a young man. He left a job with the Tanton Lumber Company in Summerside, Prince Edward Island to enlist with the Air Force in 1940 and was posted to RCAF Station Summerside. He married Margaret Curtis (1916-2003) of Freetown. After the war ended he ran a second-hand shop called The Trading Post on Water Street and later established himself as a stockbroker with Richardson Securities, which had a second-floor office in the building on the northeast corner of Water and Summer Streets. He was a member of the Y’s Men, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Caledonia Club. His wife Margaret was also active in community organizations, including a local art club. The couple raised two sons, Gerald and John.

Hopkirk, Margaret (Curtis)

Margaret Curtis (1916-2003) was born in Freetown, Prince Eward Island. She married John (Jock) Hopkirk (1913-1998) of Glasgow, Scotland, who had come to Canada as a young man. The couple had two sons, Gerlad and John. Margaret was active in community organizations, including a local art club.

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