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経歴概略:T.G. (トーマス グレンデニング)ハミルトン医師はオンタリオ州エージンコートで1873年に誕生。1883年、家族はカナダ西部、サスカッチワンに移リ住み最初の開拓移住家族の一員となった。 1891の父の死後、母親は家族とウイニペッグに移り、若いT.G. ハミルトンはマニトバカレッジで学んだ。1903年に医学部を卒業し、1904年にはウイニペッグジェネラル病院でインターンを終え、1905年にウイニペッグ市内エルウッド地区で個人診療を始めた。1915年にはマニトバ州医療協会の会長を務める。ハミルトン医師は公立学校委員会にも9年間仕え、そのうち一年間委員長を務めた。1914-15にはマニトバ州議会のメンバーにも選ばれた。幼少の息子の死後間もなく、1918年には心霊現象の実験を始める。彼の目的は、ラッピングス、念力、エクトプラズム、有形化等の超常現象を科学的な環境で誤りを最小に保ち調査する事だった。彼の研究は英国、ヨーロッパ、アメリカ合衆国で良く知られる様になった。1926年から1936年に於いて、86件の講演で研究を発表し、多くの研究リポートをカナダ、又国外で出版する。彼の死の1935以降、妻のリリアンがハミルトン医師の超常現象の実験を継続した。

Zytaruk, George

George Zytaruk was the first president of Nipissing College, a professor of English literature, and a renowned D. H. Lawrence scholar. He was born on May 6, 1927 in rural Alberta. He attended the University of Alberta, receiving a Bachelor of Education degree in 1949, followed by Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts degrees in English. He worked as a teacher and principal in Edmonton and other Alberta communities until 1962, when he commenced his doctorate at the University of Washington in Seattle. After graduating in 1965, Zytaruk returned to the University of Alberta and taught in the English department. In 1967, he relocated with his family to North Bay, Ontario after being appointed Principal (later renamed President) of the newly-established Nipissing College. As President of Nipissing College from 1967 to 1983, he was instrumental in the college's early development and played a central role in key events including the college's affiliation agreement with Laurentian University (1967), the construction of the College Education Centre (opened 1973), and the establishment of a Faculty of Education following the merger of North Bay Teachers’ College with Nipissing College (1973).Zytaruk continued researching, writing, and teaching as a professor of English language and literature at Nipissing College both during and after his presidential term. His primary academic interest was the English writer D. H. Lawrence, while other interests included Shakespeare and Renaissance literature. Zytaruk retired in 1992, but remained active in the affairs of Nipissing University, which recognized his contributions by awarding him an Honourary Doctorate of Letters (1992), and naming him its first Professor Emeritus (1997) and President Emeritus (2011). George Zytaruk died in North Bay on April 12, 2013.

Zurba, Betty

Betty Johnson was born in Lena, Manitoba in 1938. After living briefly in Saskatchewan in the early 1950s, she married Earl Zurba, a bus driver in Sifton, Manitoba, in 1956. In 2002, they were living on a farm in Sifton. She is the grand-daughter of Edith Johnson.

Zuna, Edgar

Edgar Zuna was born on 15 November 1920 in Budapest, Hungary. After completing basic training at Horthy Alap, he joined the Hungarian Air Force and commenced advance training in Szombathely and then at Reconnaissance Flight Training School in Szekesfehervar. In June 1942, he departed for Russia with the 3/2 Reconnaissance Squadron. On 29 September 1942 he reported to the Royal Hungarian Air Force Academy in Budapest where he was put in charge of the basic military ground training after receiving the Silver Medal for Bravery and the German Iron Cross for forty-six sorties. On 20 August 1943 he joined the 102/2 Quick Bomber Squadron in Hajduboszormeny. In May 1945, the United States Army took him to Pfarrkirchen where approximately 3500 German and Hungarian military personnel were kept in captivity. He was registered with the United States Army as an ex member of the Hungarian Armed Forces.

In the winter of 1946, after living as a refugee in Tainach and then in Treffling, Edgar Zuna and his family, with substantial assistance from the Red Cross, moved to London, England, to work at the Old Ride School. Zuna then moved to Oxford to work at the Campion Hall, a Jesuit College, as head of the domestic staff. In July 1951, he immigrated to Canada where he found employment as a preflight inspector with Canadair in Montreal. In December 1956 he became a Canadian citizen. In May 1957 he joined the 3001 Technical Training Unit of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), providing practical training at St.Hubert Air station on service aircraft.

Two years later, he became an Aircraft Engineer with the 438 Squadron of Montreal Technical Branch. He served with the RCAF until 1956 when he transferred to one of Canadair's Industrial Engineering Sections. In 1963, he became a Flight Test Coordinator for the Canadian Marconi Company. In 1969 he became Chief Industrial Engineer for the United States Air Force in Goose Bay, Labrador. In 1973, he took on the position of Executive Assistant to the Airport Manager in Goose Bay. In 1975, he became Superintendant of Operations at the Toronto Airport. In 1976, he became Chief of Administration and Executive Services for the Airports and Construction Directorate in Ottawa. In January 1986, Edgar Zuna retired.

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