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Architecture - Designs and plans

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Architecture - Designs and plans

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Architecture - Designs and plans

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Alfred J. Hennessey fonds

  • CA PCA Acc3827
  • Fonds
  • 1959-1984

The fonds consists of complete files for 56 projects which include religious, educational, residential, public and industrial buildings. Contents include foundation, footings, and site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, framing plans, interior and exterior details and construction schedules. Some include heating and electrical plans, occasionally by a consulting firm. A few contain preliminary drawings and white prints. The files have been arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Educational buildings
Series 2: Religious buildings
Series 3: Industrial/commercial buildings
Series 4: Public buildings
Series 5: Residential buildings

Hennessey, Alfred J.

Architectural plans and land surveys

Series forms part of St. Mary's Basilica (Halifax, N.S.) fonds and consists of multiple architectural drawings of St. Mary's Cathedral, the YMCA Hostel, St. Jerome Church Cemetery (in Caledonia, NS), the dwelling house of the Archbishop in 1867 (Birmingham St., Halifax), and St. Mary's Boys' School. Most drawings are original blue prints. Some older drawings are ink on parchment. Records contain measurements of support beams and structures, fences, walls, stairs, roofs, pillars, doors, and materials to be used. Some records show electrical, heating and plumbing detail, pew layout, and window layout. Some records depict the building before and after renovations using different coloured ink. Most records contain the name of the architect or architectural company, date of drawing, scale, number of drawings in the set, and the name of the building. Also included are two land surveys of Mount Olivet Cemetery and St. Patrick's Boys' Home ([1917?]), and St. Patrick's Boys Home Property (1939). Land surveys include surveyor's name, names of roads, property names, fences, walls, materials to be used, and measurements.

Arthur Brown collection

  • CA PCA Acc4787
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1928]

This collection consists of a sketch, specifications and blueprints prepared by architect J. E. Harris for alterations and additions to York United Church, York, Prince Edward Island, in 1928.

Brown, Arthur, York (P.E.I.)

Chappell & Hunter, Architects fonds

  • CA PCA Acc3607
  • Fonds
  • 1888-1942

The fonds consists of elevations, floor plans, cross sections, and detail drawings and blueprints for projects carried out by Chappell and Hunter. Approximately two-thirds of the blueprints duplicate original drawings but the remainder are unique to the project. Project files have been intellectually arranged in five series by structure classification as follows:

Series 1: Residential
Series 2: Commercial
Series 3: Churches and parochial residences
Series 4: Public buildings
Series 5: Miscellaneous unidentified

Chappell & Hunter, Architects

E. S. Blanchard fonds

  • CA PCA Acc3680
  • Fonds
  • 1911-1957

The fonds consists of 160 project files of architectural drawings which may also include blueprints, specifications, correspondence, tenders, photographs, contracts, agreements, and working notes. Coverage from file to file varies widely. The drawings themselves may include site plans, floor plans, elevations, property plans, yard plans, and details plans. Most of the blueprints replicate original drawings and many files contain preliminary sketches as well as the completed drawings. Some elevations are in watercolour. The largest portion of the fonds is residential buildings, whether new homes or apartments, or renovations of same. The fonds has been arranged into the following four series:

Series1: Residential buildings
Series2: Public buildings
Series3: Commercial buildings
Series4: Miscellaneous

Blanchard, Edward Stirling

James F. Toombs architectural fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4458
  • Fonds
  • 1855-1988

The fonds consists of several series of documents kept primarily in the order in which they were received. These include working files and specifications, rolled plans, inspections, and a few survey plans of Charlottetown. Some of the plans are the work of E. S. Blanchard and a few are those of the firm of Harris and Horton including some preliminary structural drawings for churches designed by W .C. Harris.

The format of the first two series requires that they be housed separately until they can be flattened but the file listing incorporates the two series in order to present a more representative picture of each project. It is anticipated that eventually the folded plans (now housed in the working files) will form one series with the rolled plans and what remains in the working files will form the second series.

As well, the fonds contains six bound volumes of the Daily Examiner newspaper, 1885-1899, a volume of Goad Insurance Plans for Prince Edward Island, 1881 updated to 1910, and a collection of miscellaneous documents, photographs, and watercolours which belonged to E. S. Blanchard, including a cased daguerrotype of an Island military group, ca. 1855 and a family photograph of the Toombs family.

The series are as follows:

Series 1: Working files & specifications
Series 2: Rolled plans
Series 3: Inspections & evaluations
Series 4: Survey plans
Series 5: Daily Examiner
Series 6: Goad Insurance plans of Prince Edward Island
Series 7: E. S. Blanchard papers
Series 8: Toombs family photograph

Toombs, Jim

John Plaw fonds

  • CA PCA Acc2333
  • Fonds
  • 1810, 1814

This fonds consists of plans and sketches dated 1810 for the proposed combined Court House, House of Assembly, and Market House for Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Also included is a sketch for the proposed Water & Birnie retail store dated March 1814.

Plaw, John

Peter A. McNeill fonds

  • CA PCA Acc3731
  • Fonds
  • 1955-1978

The fonds consists of 31 project files containing 647 architectural drawings of religious, educational, and public and commercial buildings designed by Peter A. McNeill in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Files may contain site and footing plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, roofing plans, electrical and mechanical plans and details. A few files are for additions to existing buildings and some contain preliminary sketches. They have been arranged alphabetically within the following three series:

Series 1: Religious buildings
Series 2: Educational buildings
Series 3: Public and commercial buildings

McNeill, Peter A.

Prince Edward Island Hospital collection

  • CA PCA Acc4840
  • Collection
  • 1871, 1898, 1931-1933, 1936

This collection includes an 1898 contract between the Reverend Ralph Brecken and Mrs. Jessie Brecken of Sackville, New Brunswick and the Prince Edward Island Hospital, specifying the conditions for donating land for a general hospital on Kensington Road in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. An 1871 plan of the Kensington Road property, referred to in the 1898 contract, also is included in the collection. The collection contains a 1931 report to the Building Committee of the PEI New Hospital from the delegates appointed to select an architect and gather information regarding plans and equipment for the proposed New Hospital. Also included in the collection is a 1933 copy of a lease and a resulting 1936 contract of sale between the Prince Edward Island Hospital and the Province of Prince Edward Island for a portion of the Kensington Road land. This collection contains a photograph album of the construction of the Prince Edward Island Hospital on Brighton Road. The photographs date from September through November of 1932.

Prince Edward Island Hospital

Sandy Mahon collection

  • CA PCA Acc5032
  • Collection
  • 1804-1966

This collection consists of family genealogical information taken from Blanchard and Mahon family Bibles, along with items found among the pages of the Bibles, such as newspaper clippings, a photograph, postcards, marriage certificates and performance programmes from plays in which Dr. and Mrs. Edward Blanchard participated. The collection also includes a large rolled family tree for the family of James Robeson and Isabelle Knox, as well as material belonging to architect E. S. Blanchard, including one architectural drawing of the tool shed at his home at 41 Greenfield Avenue, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and one album of images of Charlottetown, fishing trips, etc. Some of the photographs appear to be by local photographer H. B. Sterling.

Mahon, Sandy