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C. R. Leard collection

  • CA PCA Acc2948
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1903]

This fonds consists of 10 images of the town of Alberton and surrounding areas.

Leard, C. R.

Lowell Hancock photograph collection

  • CA PCA Acc2969
  • Collection
  • 1925-1965

This collection consists of 305 photographs relating to the fax farming industry on Prince Edward Island. Begun in the late nineteenth century by Charles Dalton and Robert Oulton, the fox farming industry grew steadily on the Island and spread to the other provinces, the United States, Europe and the world. The industry on P.E.I. reached its peak in the two decades between 1910 and 1930 and remained steady enough to see many farmers through the depression of the thirties. By the end of the decade however, a downward trend had become evident and the end of the Second World War spelled the beginning to the end of fox farming although there was a brief upsurge in the late sixties and seventies. The majority of images are of foxes (both live and pelts). Also captured are fox farms, fox shows and some individuals related to the business.

Hancock, Lowell

Winifred Clark collection

  • CA PCA Acc3118
  • Collection
  • 192-?

The fonds consists of eleven color postcards, eight of which depict streets and buildings in Charlottetown such as St. Dunstan's College, Prince of Wales College, Victoria Hotel, Queen's Square, Grafton Street, Queen Street, Great George Street, as well as Victoria Park. Other postcards depict Rocky Point, the Summerside Post Office, and the "Prince Edward Island" car ferry. Two postcards include messages to William Carr of Elm Avenue, Charlottetown.

Clark, Winifred

Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts collection

  • CA PCA Acc3144
  • Collection
  • 1952-1964

The fonds consists of eighteen photographs, three certificates and posters relating to the productions of the Little Theatre Guild in Charlottetown from 1952?-1964. The productions photographed include "Eros at Breakfast" (1952), "Julius Caesar," "The Merchant of Venice," "Our Dream House," "The Bishop Misbehaves," Anne of Green Gables," "My Three Angels" (1955), "Whitehead Boy" (1955), "Angel Street" (1956), and the presentation of the Martha Allan Challenge Trophy in 1956. The fonds also consists of three certificates; two certificates of the Calvert Regional Trophy awarded in 1955 for "The Whiteheaded Boy," and in 1956 for "Angel Street," and one certificate of the Martha Allan Challenge Trophy for "Angel Street" presented to the Little Theatre Guild in 1956. Also included in the fonds are posters and pamphlets promoting the productions of various plays throughout the 1950-1960s.

Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts

Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation Cemetery transcript collection

  • CA PCA Acc3156
  • Collection
  • 1978-1979

The collection consists of transcriptions of PEI cemeteries, compiled by the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation and the PEI Genealogical Society throughout 1978 and 1979. Documented within these records are the inscriptions of headstones found within each of PEI's three-hundred plus cemeteries. Arranged by lot or township number, the transcripts also contain histories and photographs of various churches and cemeteries, sketches of plots, information relating to family plots, and some correspondence relating to research of cemeteries throughout PEI.

Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation

Helen MacDonald collection : [1944, 1957, 1979-1980]

  • CA PCA Acc3194
  • Collection
  • Microfilmed and photocopied 1980

The collection consists of the diary of Lieutenant Colonel James Kenneth MacIsaac, D. A. P. C. (Deputy Assistant Principal Chaplain) for the First Canadian Army, who took over the post after Lieutenant Colonel M. Roy was made A. P. C. (Assistant Principal Chaplain). Father MacIsaac's portion of the diary begins in May 1944 and contains comments on attendance at confession and mass, meetings of the senior chaplains, and the general mood of the soldiers. The collection also contains newspaper clippings related to Father MacIsaac's golden anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood in 1979, notices of his death in 1980, a copy of his obituary, telegrams offering condolences on his death, and a copy of the eulogy which was read by Father Gary Killion at his funeral. There is also a copy of the development and budget canvass for Our Lady of Victory Memorial Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, for March 1957.

MacDonald, Helen

Charlottetown conference of Canadian premiers 1961 photograph

  • CA PCA Acc3331
  • Collection
  • 1961

This collection consists of one photograph of the provincial premiers who participated in the 1961 Charlottetown Conference, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The delegates are pictured standing on the porch of Fanningbank, the residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of PEI. Provincial premiers pictured in the photograph are, from left to right: W. A. C. Bennett, British Columbia: E. C. Manning, Alberta; T. C. Douglas, Saskatchewan; Dufferin Roblin, Manitoba; Leslie Frost, Ontario; Jean Lesage, Quebec; Louis Robichaud, New Brunswick; R. L. Stanfield, Nova Scotia; W. R. Shaw, Prince Edward Island; Joseph Smallwood, Newfoundland.

Charlottetown was the site of the second annual premiers' conference held 14 and 15 August 1961. The first annual meeting of the Canadian premiers was held in Quebec City in 1960 at the suggestion of then Quebec premier, Jean Lesage. The meeting delegates were officially welcomed to Prince Edward Island by Charlottetown mayor, Walthen A. Gaudet, at a reception held at the Charlottetown Hotel. The meetings were chaired by Premier Frost of Ontario and co-chaired by Prince Edward Island Premier Walter Shaw. Meetings were held at Province House and topics discussed included: the coordination of provincial sales tax collection, disaster aid, forest fire protection, agricultural and uniform traffic legislation research, portable pensions, the creation of a council of provincial premiers, the proposed building to commemorate the centennial of Confederation, education, Lord's Day Act, off-shore mineral rights, and financial matters.


Louise Haszard collection

  • CA PCA Acc3333
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1940]

This collection consists of one undated photograph of a wooded drive in Victoria Park and a watercolor of Hillsborough Bridge, ca. 1940.

Haszard, Louise

Mrs. J. MacMillan collection

  • CA PCA Acc3386
  • Collection
  • Photographed 1982

This collection includes photographs of three original works of art of sailing vessels by an unknown artist. The first photograph depicts the 388 ton barque "Undine" which was built in Summerside in 1864 by John MacKinnon and was owned by James C. Pope of Summerside. In February 1868 it was sold at Liverpool, England. The remaining two photographs depict the brig "Hope" was also most likely built on Prince Edward Island with the intention of selling her in the United Kingdom market. Included in the collection are both black and white and colour negatives.

MacMillan, Mrs. J.

Mrs. Harold Stewart collection

  • CA PCA Acc3740
  • Collection
  • Copied 1986

This collection consists of copy prints of 4 photographs of Margaret Furness MacLeod and a contact sheet of the negatives for items 1 to 3. Margaret Furness MacLeod, originally of Vernon Bridge, Prince Edward Island, was a poet, musician, and preserver of heritage. She was a founding member of the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation. She died in Montreal, Quebec, in 1977.

Stewart, Mrs. Harold P.

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