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"From Whence We Came: The Story of the Goheen Family"

  • ON00154 PHA 2012.55.2
  • Series
  • 2006

Series consists of a binder of genealogical research, copies of photographs, documents, and family trees from different branches of the Goheen family, 1795-2012. It is organized into divided sections starting with the five children of Thomas Goheen Sr.: Thomas Jr., Charles, Elizabeth, Samuel, and Jesse. The research was started by Raymond Goheen Sr., and completed by Doris Goheen, 2006.

Austin Family Film Reels

  • ON00154 2015.34.5
  • Series
  • 1960 - 1964

Series consists of fourteen (14) 8mm film reels taken by John "Jack" Austin on a Kodak Brownie Movie Camera Turret f/1.9, 1960-1964. It includes footage of family Christmas (several years), the Austin family home at 27 Trefusis Street, Fred Austin's Cottages at Keane (Rice Lake), Edgar Eley's Holstein Farm, Calithumpian parades, the last steam train out of Port Hope, the marriage of Shirley Eley to Robert Payne at Port Hope United Church, and various family vacations (i.e. Ottawa, 1000 Islands, Santa's Village, Vermont, Maine, New Brunswick, Healey Falls, Lovesick Lake, Niagara Falls, and Algonquin Park). Most of the footage includes John and Lorna and their sons, Larry and Don. For more detail on each individual reel, please refer to the box list.

Austin, John

Chepi Sepe - History Book Committee Records

The Spirit River Settlement Historical Society History Book Committee was formed in order to begin work on a Spirit River community history book. The plan was to include the areas not represented already in other community histories. In 1987 the committee established an office and opened every Wednesday for inquiries and/or volunteer help. The committee was soon working in the evenings too. The first tasks were creating lists of names and organizations and convincing people that their stories and photographs were important to the success of the project. The target date for publication was the summer of 1989. Their main worry was funding as the book, estimated to be 750 pages, was estimated to cost between 50 and 60 dollars each. They were soon preselling by asking for and getting deposits which offered a chance to win a free copy of the published book. A column in the local paper, "The Signal" kept the public informed by their "History Book Update "column which included phone numbers for Jean Gurnett (editor), Helen Sideroff and Isabel Thompson in case people had questions about how to write their family history. It also provided a place to list names of people the committee needed to find and to published deadlines for submissions. They applied for and received a New Horizons grant from the federal government and succeeded in getting the book Chepi Sepe (960 pages) printed in the fall of 1989.

The series consists of the History Book Committee records which include planning documents, financial records, minutes and correspondence, and original and/ or edited copies of submissions to the Spirit River history book Chepi Sepe. Subseries 4-13 record the history of the region and the Spirit River Settlement area, the coming of settlers and the growth of agriculture, businesses, industries, municipal governments, schools, churches, medical facilities, and the history of cultural and recreational groups. Also documented are the area's veterans of WWI and WWII, The main body of the records, subseries 13, contains original and/or edited copies of over 630 family histories arranged in files in alphabetical order by surname.

Diaries, reading journals and day planners

Series consists of 29 diaries, dated reading journals and day planners created and preserved by Watson during her adult life. These Material contain fragments of her creative writing; drawings in graphite, coloured pencil and ink; reading notes and language exercises; collected ephemera; recordings of her daily activities and financial transactions; and reflections on her experiences, emotions, relationships and surroundings.
In general Watson kept confessional and reflective diaries from 1954 (1955?) to about 1957. When she moved to Toronto in 1956 to pursue her doctoral studies, Watson began to keep what can be best described as Reading Journals: dated notes pertaining to books she was reading interspersed with short diary entries regarding her correspondence, her observations of her surroundings and her academic experiences. After she moved to Edmonton to teach at the University of Alberta, and upon her retirement in Nanaimo, Watson's recorded thoughts become more infrequent. In her later life, Watson appears to have purchased commercial Day Planners to record her daily activities and financial translations.
It is apparent that Watson kept journals during her early teaching career in Cariboo Country in British Columbia. However, it seems she destroyed these at a later period.

Watson, Sheila, 1909-1998

Family records

The series consists of records of Jack Burns and the Burns family, including miscellaneous real estate documents, family correspondence, and biographical information.

Goheen Family Diaries

  • ON00154 PHA 2012.55.4
  • Series
  • 1872 - 1918

Series consists of thirty-seven small diaries created by William J. Goheen (descended from Jesse Goheen),1872-1918. The diaries are daily log books and contain information on William’s daily duties, interactions, and life in Port Hope.

Goheen, William J. (1847-1927)

Goheen Family Legal and Land Records

  • ON00154 PHA 2012.55.1
  • Series
  • 1808 - 1896

Series consists of five legal and land records related to the Goheen family, 1808-1896. It includes: Petition for the freedom of Authur Prentice, 10 Sep 1896 (mentions Henry Goheen); Indenture of Bargain and Sale from Charles Goheen to Daniel Bullock, 24 Nov 1853; Discharge of Mortgage from Charles Goheen to George Stephens, 1 Apr 1850; Deed of Land for Lot 3 Concession 5 between Luke Bedford, Zilpah Tennison Goheen and Israel Goheen, 1843 (framed); Crown Land Grant for Lot 35 Concession 2, Township of Hamilton, District of Newcastle to Thomas Goheen, 20 Apr 1808 (framed).

Goheen, Thomas (1753-1838)

Goheen Family Oral History Tapes

  • ON00154 PHA 2012.55.3
  • Series
  • 1980

Series consists of thirteen oral history cassette tapes documenting the history of various branches of the Goheen family, c. 1980s. It includes: Raymond Goheen Sr. discussing the Henry Goheen branch (nine tapes); Mrs. Robert Goheen (a.k.a. Zella Flanaghan) discussing the John Goheen branch; Elford Goheen discussing the Israel Goheen branch; Rev. Elmer Goheen discussing the John Goheen branch (two tapes).

Goheen Family Publications

  • ON00154 PHA 2012.55.6
  • Series
  • 1888 - 1926

Series consists of three publications related to the Goheen family, 1888-1926. It includes: Holy Bible, “Presented to William J. Goheen by Miss Matilda Goheen, Dec-27th-1888.”, “Constitution, By-Laws, Rules of Order , etc., of Durham Lodge No. 78,” Port Hope, 1904. Including certificate marking Chas. W Goheen as a member in the International Order of Odd Fellows, signed on 5 Mar 1912 by A.H.C. Long, and E.T. Hamly; “The Salvation Army Songs,” c. 1926. From the home of Thomas Goheen, Jesse Goheen, William Goheen, and Charles Goheen.

Goheen, William J. (1847-1927)

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