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"A Bedtime Story" Movie Poster

  • ON00154 2013.5.6
  • Item
  • 1941

Item is a hand-painted movie poster created by the Capitol Theatre, 1941. It features information about the showing of "A Bedtime Story" on Wednesday and Thursday September 2nd and 3rd, 1941. Additional text on the poster includes: 2nd Feature "Grand Central Murder" and "Also Capitol News."

Capitol Theatre

"Adventures of Martin Eden" Movie Poster

  • ON00154 2013.5.9
  • Item
  • 1942

Item is a production company movie poster for "Adventures of Martin Eden" used by the Capitol Theatre, 1942.

Capitol Theatre

"Albert J. Lutz" Schooner

  • NSSXA 82-322-7022
  • Item

Item is a photograph of the "Albert J. Lutz", a schooner outfitted as a Canadian Q ship during World War 1. A 4" gun was mounted on its deck behind the dories. It was stationed in Sydney harbour from 1917-1918.

"B" Company marching

  • NSSXA 84-80-14180
  • Item

Item is a postcard showing soldiers of 'B' company of the 25th Battalion of the CEF marching down a street during World War 1. The officer leading the march is identified as Lieut. Simpson.

"Cash for Oat" Advertisement

  • ON00154 2008.6.1.17
  • Item
  • 1843

Item is a "Cash for Oats" advertisement for R.W. Robson, 1843.

Furby, William

"Discharged" and "Registered" Perforating Machines

  • ON00154 2004.20.5.2-3
  • Item

Items are a "Discharged" and a "Registered" perforating machines once used at the old Land Registry Office of East Durham. Both machines are Cummins No. 15 Perforating Machines; Cummins Perforating Co., Chicago and New York.

"Dragonfly Nymphs" Print

  • ON00154 MPH15.1.8
  • Item
  • 1996

Item is a framed print from the Douglas R. Greer Collection entitled: "Dragonfly Nymphs," 1996. Includes the following caption: "The nymphal form of the dragonfly (as with most aquatic insects) is the stage of the life-cycle spent underwater. The nymph stage of the dragonfly can exceed four years, during which period this fierce predator forages on smaller nymphs and baitfish." The adult dragonfly has been the subject of studies by scientists for centuries in the quest to analyze its spectacular ability for aeronautics, which are presumably performed by co-ordinating the function of 4 separate "brains" for the dragonfly's wings."

Greer, Douglas R.

"Fan-wing Mayflies" Print

  • ON00154 MPH15.1.4
  • Item
  • 1996

Item is a framed print from the Douglas R. Greer Collection entitled: "Fan-wing Mayflies," 1996. Includes the following caption: "There are more than 700 living species of North American Mayflies, but only several dozen have been copied extensively by fly-tyers, and the Fan-wing patterns were largely abandoned in the late 1800s. Though some fly-tyers would disagree, the ADAMS pattern probably began as a Mayfly, and is now North America's most popular dry fly for Trout. Mayflies are common in the mid-Atlantic Ocean."

Greer, Douglas R.

"General Byng"

  • NSSXA 78-420-2170
  • Item

Item is a photograph of the schooner "General Byng," taken during its construction during the First World War.

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