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Dorothy Nielsen fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2069
  • Fonds
  • 1967-1968

The fonds consists of 6 photographs of the Athabasca Clay Products Co. in 3 formats: B&W, colour and coloured slides. The artifact is a 4-piece kitchen cannister set made by Athabasca Clay Products using Athabasca area red clay.

Nielsen, Dorothy

Nancy Appleby fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2074
  • Fonds
  • 1966 - 1987

The fonds consists of a photo of Nancy, 4 photographs of 1966 can-can dancers in Edmonton (Nancy was their coach), a 1987 interview, and a 1984 student lesson book. Two paintings of oil over pressed flowers painted by Nancy.

Appleby, Nancy

Athabasca Dance Festival fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2076
  • Fonds
  • 2004-2012

The fonds consists of the programs for the 2004-2012 Athabasca Dance Festival.

Athabasca Dance Festival

Athabasca Performing Arts Centre fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2078
  • Fonds
  • 1980

The fonds consists of a set of blueprints for The Performing Arts Centre designed by Morley Workun of McIntosh, Workun and Chernenko Architects Ltd.

Athabasca Performing Arts Centre

Percy Horner Taylor fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2080
  • Fonds
  • [1914]-1955

The fonds consists of a one-page genealogy from the Taylor family Bible, 4 photographs of Percy and James Taylor and Ellen Berriman, and three of Percy Taylor's oil paintings.

Taylor, Percy Horner

Jeannette Akerman fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2091
  • Fonds
  • [196-]

The fonds consists of an oil painting of a house located at 4815-51st Street in Athabasca. Jeannette's mother, Adeline, lived here from 1967 to 1974.

Akerman, Jeannette

Athabasca Archives Athabasca Pottery Discovery Day collection

  • CA ATH ath-2148
  • Collection
  • 2009

The fonds consists of newspaper articles, magazine articles, e-mails between Conrad Biernacki and Marilyn Mol, financial information, a press release, bookmarks, the event program which contains historic information, and thank-you letters. The magazine articles, written by Conrad Biernacki, are in the May/June and July/August 2009 editions of Discovering Antiques edited by Jan Mather. The posters were designed by Jen Luckay, an employee of Athabasca University. The artifacts include bricks and brick pieces and a shard from a turned pot from Claude Thillett's Brickyards (1912-c1919). The potter was probably Ewald Walden.

Athabasca Archives Pottery Discovery Day collection

Alfred Messerli fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2150
  • Fonds
  • 1964-1966

The fonds consists of photographs taken between the years 1964 and 1966 and include: Remembrance Day, Litchfield Avenue in the winter, the building used for Athabasca Clay Products, the electric kiln, the potting wheel and finished products, and Alfred Messerli.

Messerli, Alfred

Alice B. Donahue Library and Archives fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2170
  • Fonds
  • 1946-2003

The fonds consists of materials created by the Alice B. Donahue Library and Archives and its predecessors between 1946 and 2003.The fonds consists of bylaws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, fire insurance policies, account books, membership lists, accession and statistics books. Included in the photographs are: Violet (Mills) Aldridge, Kathy Begoray, Sandy Bulmer, Mike Cardinal, Lionel Cherniwchan, Louis DaCosta, Alice B. Donahue, Teddy Dunn, Frank Falconer, Judy Flax, Jane Gordon, Cynthia Graefe, Barbara Hunter, Joseph William Irwin, Doug and Heather Kariel, Jerry Little, Betty McDonald, Don McGladdery, Joseph Martynek, Marilyn Mol, Phyliss Mort, Amanda and Erica Oldale, Viola Elizabeth Overholt (Jouston), Betty Pickett, Irene Robbins, Lydia Silkie, Kathleen Stafford, Linda Steppan, Robert Tannas, Kathy Traynor, David Yowney and Karen Zwarich. The students in a 1990/91 photograph of the Hutterite Colony School visiting the library are: Johnny, Rhoda, Debbie, Walter, Philip, Julia, Edward, Michelle, Steven, Aaron, and Albert Gross, Betty Stahl and Mrs. Phyliss Mort. Other materials transferred to the archives include an essay written by Nadine Molofy for the Correspondence School Branch in 1948-49 which also includes a photograph of W.H.Swift; the 1981 Canada census information on mother tongues spoken in the Athabasca area; and a program of the 3rd Spring Showcase of local talent library fundraiser in c2001. In 2003, photographs were taken when new carpeting was installed in the library and archives.

Alice B. Donahue Library and Archives

Jessie Rollings fonds

  • CA ATH ath-2171
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1984

The fonds consists of photographs including: Albert Draeger's house; Sam Ball's house; the Theo Haggith dairy barn; the James Minns' house; the Davis Bentley house; Athabasca Pottery Club in 1983, 1984 including George Weston, Pennie Hunter, Lillian Bretzlaff, Tami Okimara, Lucien and Rosie Guay, and Verna Guay; the cable cage over the Athabasca River; the Athabasca River in flood June 18, 1944; 1944-45 Athabasca Public School staff: Lilliam Bloom, Irene Buckholz, Alice Donahue, Miss Dodd, Mrs. Emmet, Mrs. McClelland, Mr. Tennyson Nordon, Jessie Rollings; Martin Hitchins, Jenkins Lake, Dr. Joseph Olivier, Hallowe'en party in Stucco School before it was attached to the Brick School, newspaper ads for: Fundy Fox Co., A.C.Bradley's honey, Athabasca Creamery, Phillipy's Store, dance at Winding Trail School, Tutty Lumber Co., C.A.J. Sundby's Wood Yard and Feed Mill, Mme Veronneau's music and language lessons, R.C.Knowlton Jeweler and Optician, Hees and Goupil, G.H.Leng-blacksmith, and Peace River Blacksmith; a copy of the article "The Old Peace River Trail" by Philip H. Godsell; a copy of the March 21, 1930 provincial Unemployment Relief act; the Athabasca Echo newspaper of March 26, 1947 story of the drowning deaths of Wilma Harps and her sister Thelma Donald; the names of the Grosmont post masters from 1912 to 1970; a program for the Vets' Vaudeville Show-May 25, 1931 and a 1962 edition of a booklet "Survey of Athabasca" prepared by the Industrial Development Branch of the Alberta Department of Industry & Development. The audio cassettes contain information on the Bissell family, logging operations and personnel.The artifact is a heart-shaped pottery ashtray, with brown and blue glaze, manufactured by Athabasca Clay Products.

Rollings, Jessie

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