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Lyle Lyman fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1025
  • Fonds
  • Copied before 2000 (originally created 1898)

The fonds consists of copies of handwritten letters Lyle Lyman wrote to his mother as he travelled to the Yukon from Chicago during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. The letters describe in detail his trip north, climbing the Chilkoot Pass, building a scow and travelling down the Yukon River to Dawson City, and his activities while there.

Lyman, Lyle, 1873-1941

John D. Davies fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1026
  • Fonds
  • Copied before 1999 (originally created 1898-1901)

The fonds consists of summaries and extracts from the diaries of John D. Davies, 1898-1901. The diaries describe his activities as he travelled from Red Oak, Iowa to Dawson City, Yukon and then on to Alaska where he began prospecting and mining. He describes his trip to Skagway and over the Chilkoot Pass, boat building and the trip down the Yukon River to Dawson City, and on to Alaska. He spent 15 months in Weare, Alaska and then went to the Nome area. Originally written in Welsh the diaries were transcribed by Davies' great-grandson. Evan John Roy Davies transcribed the summaries prior to 1981 and the remaining portions of the diaries prior to 1999.

Davies, John D., 1853-1904

William Mollett fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1027
  • Fonds
  • Copied before 2000 (originally created [ca. 1898], 1929)

The fonds consists of copies of letters written by William Mollett. In one, dated April 29 1929, he writes about his life, including the time he spent in the Yukon. William describes the two winters mining different claims in the Klondike Gold Fields. At one point he worked for Ezra Meeker on Eldorado Creek. He describes his mining accident and the attempts to fix his broken hip. Also included are two letters he wrote to his sister, (one in 1898), describing his life in the Klondike.

Mollett, William, 1877-

E.M. Bruce fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1028
  • Fonds
  • Copied 1998 (originally created 1899, 1903)

The fonds consists of 2 letters. The first was written February 14, 1899 by Edward Bruce's father, Alan Cameron Bruce-Pryce, to a newspaper and is an account of his son's journey to and from Dawson City, Yukon. The 8 page letter includes his son's diary written during the trip from Dawson City to Dyea, Alaska by dogsled (possibly December 1898). He describes the trail, the problems he encounters, accommodation and people he meets along the way. The two page letter was written by Edward Bruce (November 10, 1903) to his father from Sixteen Mile House below Dawson City. He describes an unexpected flood caused by ice jamming on the Yukon River and the ensuing problems. The letters were probably originally copied by one of Edward's sons in the 1950s.

Bruce, E.M. (Edward Maunsell)

Louis Tarlton fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1029
  • Fonds
  • Copied 2001 (originally created 1898, 2001)

The fonds consists of copies of a handwritten letter and a typed transcript of the letter. The letter was written by Louis Tarlton to his brother Bob on October 20, 1898 from Victoria, B.C. as he was returning home to Montreal from the Yukon. Tarlton describes his perilous journey to the Klondike, working on a steamboat on the Yukon River, and his impressions of Dawson City. In addition, there is a four page biographical history of the Tarlton family, photocopies of three photographs, and contextual information about the donation from Eileen Jeck.

Tarlton, Louis, 1872-1931

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada collection

  • CA yuk yuk-103
  • Collection
  • Copied 1982 (originally created [ca. 1982])

The collection consists of two reports written by Gordon Bennett for the Research Division of National Historic Parks and Sites Branch of Parks Canada. One paper, 25 pages, entitled "Livingstone Creek, Y.T." is about the mining history of the Livingstone Creek area and Bennett writes about Hootalinqua, Big Salmon, Mason's Landing, the involvement of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) in the settlement of Livingstone Creek, the freight suppliers, the population, and the mining trends from 1899 until the town was abandoned in the 1930s. Photocopies of photographs and maps of the Livingstone Creek region follow the report. The second paper, 9 pages, outlines the events of the life of Skookum Jim (James Mason), his involvement with George Carmacks and his life in Carcross following the Klondike Gold Rush. Its pages are stamped "Restricted".

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada

Rev. V.C. Sim fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1030
  • Fonds
  • Copied 2002 (originally created 1881-1886, 1980-2002)

The fonds consist of copies of Rev. Sim's appointment and ordination papers, 1881; 2 copies of his diary, handwritten and typed, June 1, 1984 to August 26, 1984, and January 14, 1885, which describes his interaction with the natives and their customs and beliefs; a copy of Sim's last letter to the Bishop, April 3, 1885; extracts from letters written August 1885 by Rev. Spendlove and Bishop Bompas after receiving news about Rev. Sim's death; a letter written by Sim describing his work and published in the Church Missionary Intelligencer, February 1886, "Voice from an Arctic Grave"; letters from the archivist at the Church Missionary Society to Mrs. T.V. Ralph with information about Sim, Canham and Wigram; a genealogical chart of the William Sim family up to 1986; an article by Marjorie Almstrom about Sim and the donation of his records to the Yukon; and a summary written by Christine Roe of her visit to Canada and the search for her great-uncle's grave at Rampart House, 2002. Also included in the fonds are a copy of a photograph of Sim and a CD which contains scanned images of diary pages and various MS WORD documents found in the previously listed files.

Sim, V.C. (Vincent Collier), Rev., 1855-1885

Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Mission fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1031
  • Fonds
  • 1977-2001

The fonds consists of the business records, 1977-2001, of Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Mission in Porter Creek, a subdivision of Whitehorse, Yukon. Included are the following: Parish Council Minutes; Bingo Committee Minutes; General Receipts and Invoices; Parish Bulletins; Sunday Collection Official Receipts; General Correspondence; Financial Reports and Tax Information; Women's Group minutes of meetings; list of parishioners; and hymn books and sheet music. Also included are architectural drawings for the church, photographs of the construction and dedication ceremony, and records relating to its operation and maintenance. There are also miscellaneous audio and video tapes ("The Flying Bishop", "Funeral Mass of Bishop Tom and Brother Hoby", and "Frontier Church, Frontier People").

Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Mission

Logan Video Services fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1032
  • Fonds
  • 1986-1997

The fonds consists of videos which document the interests and activities of a professional Yukon filmmaker and in addition documents Yukon history and culture. A summary of the type of subject matter contained in the fonds is as follows: White Pass and Yukon Route (WP&YR) trains, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), historical and contemporary perspective of mining in the Yukon, seasonal shots, wildlife, the Alaska Highway, Yukon communities and people. Many of the films capture events and celebrations held during the Yukon's decade (1992-2002) of anniversaries. Also included are interviews with a variety of individuals including Roy Minter (author of "The White Pass: Gateway to the Klondike") and Marvin Taylor of the WP&YR, Olympic cross-country skier Lucy Steele and Father Mouchet, and artist Ted Harrison. Some films contain stills from the Gold Rush era and archival film footage of World War II and the Alaska Highway. Fourteen tapes are completed productions and may have been shown on public television.

Logan Video Services Ltd. Booth, John, 1939?-2003

Sam Wood fonds

  • CA yuk yuk-1033
  • Fonds
  • Copied 1982 (originally created [ca. 1918-1948])

The fonds consists of copy negs and reference prints which deal primarily with the subjects of early aviation and mail delivery in the Mayo area, ca. 1918-1948. Photographs include a variety of airplanes; Emile Kading and "Three Finger" Bob Martin who were rescued after having been lost six weeks after their plane crashed in the Liard River area; mail delivery by stage and dog sled; Julius Kendi and family; Edwin Hager and family; a roadhouse in Carmacks; and a hockey team, Schwartz's Comets.

Wood, Sam, -1950

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