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Prince Edward Island post card collection

  • CA PCA Acc4390
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1904-195-]

This collection includes 54 colour and 26 black and white postcards. The postcards are arranged in the following groupings: churches and railway stations, ferries and iceboats, towns and villages, Charlottetown and Summerside, and pastoral and entertainment. Many of the postcards include messages, stamps and cancellation marks. Some are addressed to the Irving and Compton families. Ten of the images are of non- Prince Edward Island scenes and include Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands and Manitoba.


Speech given at the Maritime Club / ? (Gordon) ?

  • CA PCA Acc4401
  • Collection
  • 12 November 1930

This collection consists of a paper outlining very briefly the history of Prince Edward Island and talks of the author's early life in Montrose as well as the Gordon family, transportation, education, politics, and religion on PEI around the turn of the century.

The author of this speech is unidentified. She was the daughter of a family named Gordon from Montrose, Prince Edward Island, and a cousin of the Eromanga martyrs. She later married a minister and moved to British Columbia.


Charles James and Eliza Dickieson photograph : [ca. 1900]

  • CA PCA Acc4410
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1900]

The collection consists of one photograph of Charles James and Eliza (Haslam) Dickieson, ca. 1900.

Charles James Dickieson was born at New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island, on 17 March 1834. As a young man he was an active member of the Tenant League, dedicated to the abolishment of leasehold tenure. In early 1866 he was sentenced to 18 months incarceration and a 50 fine for summoning his colleagues and physically resisting the deputy sheriff and bailiffs from serving writs for non-payment of rent. In 1871 he married Eliza Haslam, daughter of Joseph Haslam and Mary Weeks with whom he has three sons and two daughters. Charles died in December 1936 at the age of 102. Eliza died in 1940 at the age of 90.


Pioneer hockey team photograph

  • CA PCA Acc4472
  • Fonds
  • 1911

The photograph is of the players, coach and referee of the Pioneer hockey team, junior PEI champions of 1911. The team was presumably sponsored by the Pioneer newspaper of Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Individuals are identified as follows:

3d row: H. Clark, referee; F. Johnston ?; J. Tamlyn, manager; J. Durant, l wing

2d row: F. Graves, goal; R. Godkin, point; W. Gallant, rover; F. McLeod, centre (Captain); F. Lyle, point

1st row: E. Houlton, spare


Day book of general store, Lot 13, fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4475
  • Fonds
  • 1824-1826

This fonds consists of a daybook which records both debits and credits on a daily basis from January 1824 to April 1826. Entries usually include name of customer, Lot number, items purchased or supplied, whether the purchase was in person or by another and the amount. Articles sold include groceries, liquor, tea, shoes, and hardware, while items received include meat, hay, and dry goods. Other entries are for work performed such as "13 days work on the Cora" or "5 days rafting", etc. Ownership of the store has not been determined. It appears to have been located in Lot 13, Prince Edward Island, and to have serviced Lots 5 through 17 including the ship-building yards. There is some indication that the owner was also a shipbuilder.


Shipping agent's notebook [Carvell Brothers, Charlottetown?]

  • CA PCA Acc4499
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1940

This fonds consists of an unidentified notebook chronicling a salt and molasses wholesale shipping business through the 1926-1940 time period. The molasses was imported from Barbados, with the salt coming from the "Turks Islands" and several other locations. The creator of this fonds is unknown but possibly Carvell Brothers, a Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, shipping agent.

Notebook entries list the year, the type of vessel (schooner or steamer), the name of the vessel, the Captain, how and when the vessel was chartered, detailed notes on the trip in question, the condition of the cargo, the discharge of the cargo, stevedore operations, cargo insurance, and various other comments on the shipment transaction in question. There are approximately 3 to 4 shipments described per year with no entries for 1936 and 1938.


Lea[?] and Woodside[?] family photograph collection

  • CA PCA Acc4572
  • Collection
  • [ca 1855-1895]

This collection contains 4 daguerreotypes of a man, a couple, and two children thought to be members of the Lea or Woodside family, and 3 mounted images of a wedding and two unidentified houses. Creator of this collection is unknown.


Hallidays Wharf photograph : [ca. 1913]

  • CA PCA Acc4632
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1913]

The collection contains one photograph of Hallidays Wharf with the ferry Harland just leaving dock. The photograph was taken circa 1913. Hallidays wharf was in Belfast, Prince Edward Island, presumably named for the family living on the property where the wharf was situated.


Prince Edward Island Medical Corps: [ca. 1939]

  • CA PCA Acc4676
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1939]

This accession contains one photograph of the Prince Edward Island Medical Corps, World War II. The three officers seated in front are identified as Dr. G. L. Smith, Dr. J. J. Blake and Dr. James MacNeill. The photographer and occasion of the photograph is unknown.


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