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2nd Battalion, Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1311
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1945

Consists of Part II of Battalion Orders dated July 1940 to May 1946, newspaper clippings, training certificates, name list for photo Camp Sarcee August 1942, War Savings Certificates, instructions regarding the return of the 1st Bn. Calgary Highlanders dated 12 November 1945, and Personnel files for Lt.Col. D.A. Ross, Lt.Col. N.V. Waddell, Sergt. F.V. Betteridge, Major L.J. Rosling, Capt. Joseph Wilson, Pte. E.F. Davidson, Murray Monilaws, and Edgar F. Middlemiss. Also includes a small collection of group photographs.

2nd Battalion, Calgary Highlanders

10th Canadian Infantry Battalion fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1185
  • Fonds
  • 1914 - 1920

Consists of books; Flanders Field, Maple Leaf & Mud, and Gallant Canadians including the author's research material for this book. The Nominal Roll for the year 1915, Report on the Second Battle of Ypres-1915, Trench Standing Orders, Awards of Decoration, War Diaries dated Oct 1914 to Feb 1919, Attestation Papers, Officer's Declaration Papers, Military Maps of battle sites in Europe, Diaries for Cpl. W.R. Wittingham, R.J. Wilson, Personnel Files for Maj.Gen. D.M. Ormand, Col. D.L. Redman, Lt.Col. E. MacDonald, Lt.Col. R.L. Boyle, Lt.Col. W.A. Lowry, Lt.Col. J.G. Rattray, Lt.Col. A.T. Thomson, Major P.C. Guthrie, Major V.W. Odlum, Major J. McLaren, Major W.A. Cockshutt (related to Cockshutt Plow Plant), Capt. C.G. Arthur, Lt. D.C. Thomson, Lt. A.B. Christy, Lt. E.W. Pirie, Lt. G. Nuttal, Sgt. A.W. Bennett (includes diary), Sgt. J.R. Peebles (includes diary), L/Cpl. A.J. Davis (includes diary), and newsclippings from The Calgary Herald.

10th Canadian Infantry Battalion 1914 - 1920

103rd Calgary Rifles fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1186
  • Fonds
  • 1910 - 1919

Consists of Nominal Rolls dated 1 April 1910 and 28 May 1911 (Coronation Contingent), Administrative Minutes from the 103rd Regiment Officers' Meetings (1916-1919), Regimental Correspondence, Minutes of Annual Meetings, Commission Scrolls, Training Manual for Rifles and Lewis Guns, and Personnel Files for Founder Lt.Col. W.C.G. Armstrong, Lt.Col. D.L. Redman, Major W.A. Cockshutt (related to Cockshutt Plow Plant), Gunner W. Maxwell, and Pte. Walter Louden. Also contains news clippings (Aug 1914).

103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) 1910 - 1914

Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1187
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1939

Consists of Training information pamphlets (1936-1939), Militia Staff papers (1936-1938), Officer Training papers (1931-1937), School of Infantry Tactics, Standing Orders - Sarcee Military Camp, Summer training daily routine, Operations orders for Military District 13 exercises, School of infantry hand-outs, Officer's kit lists, Army forms, Officer's record of service books, Platoon and Section record handbooks, Training Review (1934), News clippings, Battalion orders (1935-1939), book titled "History of the Calgary Highlanders - 1921-54", and various other documents issued by Military District 13. Also includes Personnel Files for Col. N.D. Dingle, Lt.Col. D.G. MacLauchlan, Lt.Col. R.B. Eaton, Lt.Col. S.F. Bradley, Lt.Col. H.H. Riley, Lt.Col. D. Ritchie, Lt.Col. D.H. Tomlinson, Major E.B. Newcombe, Major J.A. Pink, Capt. R. Newport, Capt. G. Cummings, A.E. Smith, B. Davidson, and Hon. Col. R.B. Bennett.

Calgary Highlanders 1919-1939

Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1312
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1955

Consists of notes on mess ettiquette, lesson plans, preparation worksheets, Exercise Mountain Goat May 1947, Part II Orders 1946-1949 and 1953-1955, newspaper clippings, travel orders, Syllabus of Training 1 September - 22 December 1953, pamphlet on dress regulations March 1949, and personnel files for Lt.Col. H.V. O'Conner, Drum Major William Murray, Helen Kozicky, Gen. De Chastlaine, Capt. J.A. Callie, and MWO G.A. Malcolm.

The Calgary Highlanders 1946 - 1955

The Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1313
  • Fonds
  • 1955 - 1975

Consists of Nominal Rolls for the years 1958, 1964 (as at Part II Orders), and 1965, Part I Orders (12 October 1960), Part II Orders (July 1955 - August 1967), 22 Military Group Standing Orders (2 March 1961), Operational Standing Orders, Young Soldiers Part II Orders (1963-1966), Young Soldiers Training Plan (1963), Inspection reports, Officers Aide Memoire, Tactics Aide Memoire (1959), phonetic alphabet and appointment names, summary of qualification examination dates for 1955, Qualification Examinations - Lt. to Capt. Part I (1960, 1961), Qualification Examinations - Capt. to Major Parts I & II (1954), Militia Staff Course Part I Examination 1965, Lesson Plans (1961-1962), Standard Operative Procedure for National Survival 5 February 1963, Assessment Forms, map of Camp Petawawa (1958), study papers, song book, papers regarding Militia Camp (1965, 1966), Exercise "Sir Vival" July 1960, Exercise "Spear Point" 1966, movement instruction, Operations and Control of the Civil Defence Services July 1951, Civil Defense Training, Civil Emergency Measures Planning Order, training papers for Militia, Infantrymen, and Officers, range courses, Survival Operations, Mobile Command Reserve Training - Phases I & II (1967, 1968), Junior Leaders Manual Volume 1, Basic Officer Training Volume 3, newsreleases, newspaper clippings, The Maple Leaflet, The Greggsville Herald, and Personnel files for Capt. F.L. Scott, Lt.Col. H.O. Wagg, Major M.B. McCumber, R.S.M. Gordon Malcolm, Lt.Col. D.E. Lewis, Lt.Col. A.H. Brackenridge, C.S.M. W. Mossop, M.W.O. Gordon Raffan, Capt. Donald A. Mains, H. Winkel, Lt.Col. S.E. Blakely, Cpl. Gordon Fish, Pte. T.J. Dutton, and Lt.Col. J.L. Moffat.

The Calgary Highlanders 1955 - 1975

Calgary Highlanders fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1314
  • Fonds
  • 1975 - present

Consists of Nominal Rolls for the years 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1988, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995, standing orders, General Lists (9 Nov 1977 - 30 Oct 1984), Organization Order 1/73 (23 Sept 1978), Inventory of Regimental Property (4 Jan 1980), Training Directive (1981-1982), training (Feb 1983 - July 1984), The Regimental Book of the Calgary Highlanders (1984), Study on Infantry Indirect Fire Support (1988), Proceedings of Army of the West (Feb 1989), Standing Operating Procedures, dress regulations, The Canadian Military Register of Foreign Awards (table of contents), correspondence re: Distinctive Badges, The Calgary Highlanders, Combat Motivation Report, A Perspective on Infantry (thesis), articles on the regimental system, historical papers (1985-1992), "The Infantryman" project status report (April 1991), Infantry Status Report (Aug 1991), Training (1993-1994), Routine Orders (23 Feb 1994), Programmes for the Change of Command, dress distinctions, Operating Orders, Mobile Command Research Paper, Officer Corps Study - Phase I, Routine Orders (1985-1995), Officers Mess labels, The Battle of the Walcharen Causeway - 1944 (pamphlet), Southern Alberta Militia District Change of Command (pamphlet), newspapers and clippings, and personnel files for Lt.Col. John E. Fletcher, Lt.Col. Paul Frederick Hughes, O/CDT. C.R. Keiver, Lt.Col. Murray E. Dennis, Lt.Col. Alan G. Maitland, Lt.Gen. Senator Stan Waters, Brig. Gen. Barry Ashton, George M. Milne, Major Peter S. Grimes, and Capt. Allan Schooley.

The Calgary Highlanders 1975 - present

Captain William Maxwell fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1341
  • Fonds
  • 1897 - 1981

Consists of biography of Capt. Maxwell and certificate for Military Medal.

Maxwell, William Capt.

Col. J. Frederick Scott fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1317
  • Fonds
  • 1892 - 1982

Consists of letters to; Mrs. Forbes from J.F. Scott (3 Sept 1945), Fred from D.S. Forbes (27 Sept 1945), Col. D.S. Forbes, OBE, MC from J.F. Scott (29 Sept 1945), Col. Scott from Lady Athalone (18 March 1957), original key to the regimental photo (1951), The Instructors Handbook on Fieldcraft and Battle Drill, training manual from the Canadian Battle Drill Training Centre "Battle Drill", Battle Drill training papers, news release "Col. J. Fred Scott Honored at Opening", and newspaper clippings "Calgary Officer Helped Start Battle Drill", and "Col. Scott Advocates Conscription".

Scott, J. Frederick, OBE, ED, QC, LLB, Colonel

Colonel Daniel Lee Redman KC fonds

  • CA HIGH high-1329
  • Fonds
  • 1889 - 1948

Consists of biography of Daniel Lee Redman; letter to D.L. Redman from Governor General Byng (Dec 1925); letter to Don Munro from Donald Redman (17 April 1991); and newspaper clippings: "Military Funeral for D.L. Redman"; and "Lee Redman, War Veteran, Lawyer Dies".

Redman KC, Daniel Lee Colonel

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