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Elliott MacDonald family fonds

  • MED med-190
  • Fonds
  • 1883-1939

The fonds consists of: a Souvenir Program of the Boy Scout Jamboree, Medicine Hat (1939); booklets (2) entitled "Jubilee Commemoration-50 Years of St. Barnabas Church 1884-1934" (1934), "Metzler's Cinemas Music #1" (1919); O.S. book containing list of signatures supporting C.A. Magrath in Federal Election (1911); certificates (7) -Federal Election results, Buchanan vs. Magrath, Polling Divisions #99, #103, #107, #106, #104, #105, #111 (1911); Four" Golfers (1883-[ca.1940], not inclusive); images of Medicine Hat and the Golf & Country Club.

MacDonald, Elliott Garside

Ferdinand Schwab fonds

  • MED med-280
  • Fonds
  • 1990

The fonds consists of: coil-bound book entitled "Church Records of New Kronsfeld Congregation" of Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan, researched and published by Ferdinand Schwab. The book contains a brief history of the church which operated from 1911-1935 as well as church records (1990).

Schwab, Ferdinand

Gainsboro Studio fonds

  • MED med-502
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1986

The fonds consists of: an extensive collection of individual portraiture, family and group sittings, wedding parties, commercial advertising for local businesses, as well as a random photographic record of community events, disasters etc. 4 audio cassettes with interviews giving oral histories of Gainsboro Studios (1986).

Gainsboro Studio

J.H. Hogg and Associates fonds

  • MED med-124
  • Fonds
  • Photocopied in 1986 and 1989 (originally created 1912-1947)

The fonds consists of: the following blueprints: St. Theresa's Convent (1913), Ogilvie Flour Mills (1912), Monarch Broadcasting Co. T.V. Station (1957), Lake of the Woods Milling Co. Ltd. (1916, 1924), Medicine Hat Milling Co. Ltd. (1916), various machinery and equipment drawings (1916), Alberta Clay Products (1937, 1938, 1946, 1947).

J.H. Hogg and Associates

Jack Bell fonds

  • MED med-411
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1948

The fonds consists of: assorted Boy Scout material including greeting cards, membership certificates, correspondence and course completion documents, investiture certificate, banquet and dramatic play programs, newsclippings, map reading instructions and a Jamboree Echo (1931-1948); gospel of St. John (undated); Alexander High School Song and Yell Book (undated); map of Medicine Hat and area ([194-]).

Bell, Jack

Esplanade Archives Manuscript collection

  • MED med-511
  • Collection
  • 1880-[200-]

The collection consists of: Dominion Harvester Co. business envelope; Letter from John Amatt from the Canadian Mount Everest Expedition to Joyce Condon and class at Riverside School (1982); postcard of MH (1913); photograph of 1953 Medicine Hat Orioles Women's Baseball Team; a booklet celebrating Alberta's 50th Anniversary entitled "Alberta Holiday" (1905-1955); a T. Eatons Company catalogue (1917); Farmer's Advocate Magazine (1920); a Norwegian Magazine (1917); Share Certificates of the Delta Copper Co. issued to A.J. McCormick (9) (1916-1920); 2 photographs of an early view of Medicine Hat and a group of ranchers at the Calgary Stampede (ca.1885-1912); a book of sketches of England drawn by Paxton Davis (1856); crochet pattern books for decorative items and clothing (7) (various authors) (ca. 1915-1921); "Hockey Souvenir and Memoirs" programs of Medicine Hat Monarchs (2) (1931, 1932); 20 photographs of various and random views of Medicine Hat events ([ca.1920-1939]); a precipitation chart, hand-drawn and matted, entitled "Precipitation at Medicine Hat" (1894-1946); blueprint of C.P.R. Standard House No. 1B (1914); a letter (2 pgs) on Assiniboia Hotel letterhead, addressed to J.C. Miller from Tom Mix (1902); Saskatchewan Map # ? ([ca. 1927]); Bartlett and Grassie's Atlas of Medicine Hat and Environs, containing 78 street surveys of proposed subdivisions of Medicine Hat, (ca.1912-1913); WW2 Canadian Meat Coupon Rationing chart (1943); Certificate of Authority, Hartford Fire Insurance Co., Agent Certificate (1919); a souvenir booklet containing 16 published photographic views of Medicine Hat, Alberta ([ca. 1914]); a ledger for Monarch Amusement Co.- Wholesale Tobacconists, (undated); bound account book for unnamed company (1940-1957); ledger of uncommon stocks for unnamed company (1950-1957); 23 photographs of the Central Garage, views of Medicine Hat, and the Medicine Hat Hockey Club; a Medicine Hat Amateur Operatic Society program for "The Chimes of Normandy" (1915); a letter containing reminiscences of the VanderLinden family, by Elizabeth Peterson (undated); reminiscences (4 pgs) of G.H. Elkink (undated); biography of John Hobbelink (undated); minutes from the New Holland Pure Bred Association (1921-1924); a timetable for Bluebell Bus Ltd., Medicine Hat, containing local advertising (1928); a Purity Flour Cook Book published by Western Canada Flour Mills Co. (1917); Five Roses Cookbook published by Lake of the Woods Milling Co. (1923); an alphabetical name list of burial registrations and numerical plot listings for the original Hillside/Kin Coulee Cemetery, Church of England Section (1884-1947), and the Roman Catholic Section (1890-1919), the new Hillside Cemetery (1886-1994), Chapel Lawn Cemetery (1955-1994), Tilley Bethany Lutheran Cemetery (1933-present?), Craigmyle Cemetery (1915-1982), and the Redcliff Cemetery (1915-1994); a scrapbook of newsclippings re: the Medicine Hat Monarchs Hockey team, players and games (1926-1948); 4 photographs of the Medicine Hat Monarchs, various views of Medicine Hat, the Woodhouse family, and the Medicine Hat Potteries logo (1924-[ca.1950]); Medicine Hat Blue Jays (baseball) programs (1981-1982); Medicine Hat Cubs (hockey) program (1984-1985); Medicine Hat Tigers (hockey) posters (OS) (1988-1989); Envelope and souvenir booklet (with photographic engravings) entitled "The Last of the Buffalo - Comprising a history of the Buffalo herd at the Flathead reservation and an account of the last great Buffalo roundup" , an illustrated account of the transportation of buffalo from the Flathead reservation in Montana to Central Alberta (1909); a Canadian Red Cross knitting instruction booklet titled "No. 2 - Knitted Comforts for Women" (M99.18.1) (Nov. 1940); Lux (Lever Brothers Ltd.) supplemental knitting booklet titled "How to Knit for Soldiers and Sailors" (M99.18.2) (1939); 3 tokens, good for 1 dance - Park Pavillion, Medicine Hat, Alta. (M99.18.3) (undated); "advertique" calendars (7) for the following local Medicine Hat businesses: Art Bull Ltd. (2) (1968-1969), Marshall's Book Store (1) (1971), Mackenzie Drug Co. Ltd. (1) (1974), Merv's Barber Shop (1) (1975), Raber Men's and Ladies Wear (1) (1978), C.E. Adam Jeweller Ltd. (1) (1985); an advertique calendar (monthly pages are missing) for Klemm Electric of South Railway Street ([ca. 1950]); a collection of Canadian, US and British postage stamps (ca. 1906-1969); assorted greeting cards (10) (1943-1944, undated); a souvenir program of Redcliff's Golden Jubilee Celebration (September 1-3, 1962); fundraiser calendar from Leader, Saskatchewan - 2007 Pothole Calendar (2007); cartoons and correspondence regarding Medicine Hat from Ripley's Believe it or Not (2008); 5 greeting cards, 3 business cards, and 1 postcard from Remember When Antiques (undated); first flight air mail from Medicine Hat to Calgary (1930)

Esplanade Archives, collector

B'nai B'rith Lodge #1506-Medicine Hat fonds

  • MED med-166
  • Fonds
  • Photocopied in 1993 (originally created 1942-1955)

The fonds consists of: the Minute Book for the B'nai B'rith Lodge #1506 of Medicine Hat (1942-1955).

B'nai B'rith Lodge. #1506-Medicine Hat

Margaret Crawford MacDonald fonds

  • MED med-208
  • Fonds
  • 1907-1981

The fonds consists of: an annual statement for St. John's Presbyterian Church (1939); Professional Second Class Certificate from Alberta Deptartment of Education issued to Margaret Crawford MacDonald (1931); Certificate of Qualification Physical Training Grade B issued to Miss M.C. MacDonald (1927); receipt from the City of Medicine Hat re: installation of electricity issued to Mrs. Duncan MacDonald (1937); recipe books (6) "Famous Royal Household Recipes" compiled by Ogilvie Flour Co. (1936); High School Souvenir Book from Alexandra High School (1922); autograph album of Margaret MacDonald (undated); booklet entitled "Elk Island National Park, Alberta (undated); road maps (3): North Saskatchewan, Centre Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (1932); "Map and Street guide of Medicine Hat" (undated); tourist map of Saskatchewan (undated); Alberta Motor Association Tourist Information Bureaus map, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton (undated); church bulletin from St. John's Presbyterian Church (1951); travel brochures (6): "We like Alberta so well-A guide book on what to see while in Alberta", "Jasper National Park", "Canada's Mountain Playgrounds", "Banff- Kootney-Yoho-Glacier and Mt. Revelstoke, National Parks, "Playgrounds of the Prairies", "Playground of Eastern Canada" (all undated); invitation to Mr. and Mrs. J. Hargrave's Golden Wedding Anniversary (1925); business cards (2) from Fred Sturgess Taxi and MacDonald's Transfer (undated); assorted greeting cards (undated and 1913); Department of Education Conditional Certificate "Interim Second Class certificates" issued to Margaret Macdonald (July 1927 to December 1928); diplomas (3) issued to Margaret MacDonald, Grades 8, 10 and 11 (1918, 1921, 1926); Christmas card from group Captain and Mrs. A. ap Ellis, SFTS (undated); biographies (4) "Beatty of the C.P.R. as Montrealer's Know Him" (2 pgs) (undated), "Edward Wentworth Beatty-President of the C.P.R." (3 pgs) (1933), "Beatty -Chairman and President of the C.P.R." (10 pgs) (1931), Edward Westworth Beatty" (2 pgs) (undated); Will of Mrs. Janet Gillespie Armstrong or Mitchell (1933); report cards (2) of Janetta MacDonald, Grades 3 and 6 (undated and 1912); report cards (2) of Duncan MacDonald, Grade 5, 1st and 2nd semester (1911); blank postcard of R.C.M.P. musical ride (undated); booklets (2) entitled "Canada's Railway Problem and its Solution" (1933), "When Medicine Hat was a Town" by S.N. Goldie, (32 pgs) (undated); booklet on history of the Ewart Duggan home prepared by the preservation committee of the Medicine Hat Historical Society (1981); images of family and friends, views and events of Medicine Hat and surrounding area.

MacDonald, Margaret Crawford

Medicine Hat and District Geneological Society fonds

  • MED med-189
  • Fonds
  • Photocopied in 1981, 1994, and 1995 (originally created 1980-1981)

The fonds consists of: burial lists of district cemetaries including: Little Plume Church Cemetery (1981), Highland Cemetery (1981), Graburn United Cemetery (1980), Whitla Cemetery (1980); Josephsburg Birth, Death and Marriage records (2) (1908-1940).

Medicine Hat and District Geneological Society

Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery collection

  • MED med-199
  • Collection
  • 1885-1999

The collection consists of: telephone directories (2) for Medicine Hat and district (1968, 1970); historic titles searches (4) for Lots 33-34, Block 5, Plan 833m (1894-1983), Plan 23560, Block "B", Lots 1 & 2 (1900-1984), Plan 23593, Block "B", Lots 1 & 2 (1903-1986), and Old St. Patrick's Church location Plan 1491, Block 16, Lots 11 & 12 (1908-1985); Heritage Calendars (2) (1984); Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede posters (2) (1986); Woolfrey House research papers (1892-1906); Medicine Hat Tigers Hockey Calendar (1986-87); promotional posters for Medicine Hat (3) (ca. 1989); election posters for MP candidates Bob Porter, Peter Hansen and Wally Regehr (3) (1989); O.S. map entitled "Map Shewing [sic] Mounted Police Stations and Patrols 1888", reprinted to commemorate R.C.M.P. Centennial 1873-1973 (1973); O.S. posters for the movie "The Canadians" (12) (1961); exhibitors Campaign Manual from "The Canadians" (1961); Chautauqua pamphlets (2) (1930); squatters statement of claim for the following individuals: F.A. Mountain, W.P. Leacock, H. Pearse, H. Jordan, A. Mallot, L.S. Fox, W.B. Butler, C. Flint, J.Y. Terry, G.H. Presswell, G. Anderton, G.F. Pim, J. Madden, H.B. Collier, L.A. Smallwood, F. Slaymaker, M. Sutherland, S. Porter, Count M. DeBosdari, J. Jackson, W. Logan, J. Logan, J. McLean (1884); Metis scrip documents (36 pgs) issued to the descendants of Edward McKay (1885-1886); a dry mounted lithograph? depicting "Steamers at Medicine Hat Loading Ammunition and Stores", as initially published in the Illustrated London News (1885); personal letters (54) addressed to Phyllis Becker (1916-1933, undated); 10 En Avant newsletters from Alexandra High School (1937-1939); lithographic view of Medicine Hat (1887); geneological publication entitled "A Beveridge-McLeish Family History" (1992); municipal election material (ie. posters, campaign pamphlets and handouts, lapel buttons) from the civic elections for City Council and Public and Separate School Board Trustees from the elections of 1989, 1992, 1995 and 1998 (note that not all candidates are represented in this collection which was gathered by Archives staff) (1989-1998); ownership map of landholders, lease holders, electoral boundries, county lines (range and township numbered roadways), federal lands, parklands, raillines, canals etc for the year 1999 (June 1999); map showing disposition of lands in Alberta and BC (1915); desktop calendar titled "On The Trail" with photos by Kim Taylor of Maple Creek (1999); Empress Theatre cheque book (stubs only) indicating payments made (Nov. 1920-Apr.1921); premium catalogues for Nabob and Blue Ribbon coupon holders. Pictures merchandise redeemable for coupons alone, or coupons and cash (1963-64, n/d); copy of Medalta Potteries Conservation Study, March 1993, prepared by Simpson, Roberts and Wappel assessing the historical significance, resource inventory and a conservation strategy for site development (March 1993) (M2001.12.1); 551 photographs of various events that occurred in Medicine Hat, various views in and around Medicine Hat, and Medicine Hat's citizens (1883-[ca.1990]); 2 audio cassettes documenting the official opening of the Medicine Hat Museum (1967), and the official opening of the National Exhibition Centre (1978); 2 videotape cassette featuring the opening of the renovated museum and art gallery (1988), and the spring opening and awards presentation (1989). Chronology of area history, handwritten family histories, early correspondence to society (1950).

Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery

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