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White family fonds

  • MED med-377
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1993

The fonds consists of: a biography of the Naismith and Allen families (undated); correspondence from the Oxarart Ranch/Maple Creek Cattle Co./Wylie Ranch (1896-1899); receipt book of W.R. Abbott for guns and ammuntition used during the Riel Rebellion (1886); research papers (2) entitled "Indians of the Cypress Hills" (1980), and "Ranching in the Cypress Hills: 1883-1910" by Donny White (1980); pamphlet of the Old Timers Association (Maple Creek) with membership list (1981); history of the Garrison Family by Judy Ann Tuttle Garrison (1982); certificate issued to Henry Sorensen (1947); Defense Research Board award certificate issued to Henry Sorensen (1957); retirement certificate from I-XL Industries Ltd. issued to Henry Sorensen (undated); Community Centennial Train, CP Rail Station, O.S. Maple Creek posters (1983); 1994 Maple Creek Souvenir Calendar (1993); research notes made by Donny White from interviews with Walt Fenrick in 1988-1989; booklets (2) entitled the Fur Trade Journal (1944, 1953); unused stationery from Medicine Hat Fur Breeders Co-op and Fenrick Fur Farms (undated); hand drawn diagrams (2) of the Exhibition Grounds, ca. 1930, drawn by Donny White from information supplied by Bill Woolfrey and Lorne Thompson Sr. (undated); images of various views and residents of Maple Creek, the White family, and views of DRES.

White, Donny

Thyrza Young Burkitt fonds

  • MED med-61
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1910-1951]

The fonds consists of: a bill of sale (1951); a play entitled "The Spirit of Our Dawn" authored by Thyrza Burkitt (undated); history of Redcliff (3 pgs) (undated); a booklet entitled "Mottoes, Apothegms or Quotations" by Thyrza Burkitt (undated); recollections and remembrances of Medicine Hat and the Cypress Hills (undated); images of views of Medicine Hat and surrounding areas including Walsh, Elkwater, and Eagle Butte.

Burkitt, Thyrza Young

Roy Wilson fonds

  • MED med-388
  • Fonds
  • 1873-1985

The fonds consists of: a history of the Medicine Hat Court House, by Edward Mills (1976); programs and syllabae (32) from the Medicine Hat Rotary Music Festival (1956-1984), incomplete; program for the Stars of the Festival Concert, 24th Annual Rotary Music Festival (1979); program for the Provincial Festival of the Alberta Music Festival Association (1983); petition from squatters living in Medicine Hat Coulee (1882); list of CPR Townsite owners (1885-1897); petition protesting policies of John Niblock (1894); correspondence protesting the policies of John Niblock (1894), and covering letter to Roy Wilson (1983); excerpts from Lewis B. Cochran diary (1902-1941); biography of Colin Cochran (undated); correspondence concerning Michael Leonard, from Roy Wilson (1984); personal research papers (5) entitled "Community in Crisis-Medicine Hat 1891-1898" (undated), "Dear Old Golden Rule Days" (undated), "The Cultural Life of a Prairie Community-Medicine Hat 1883-1903" (undated), "Medicine Hat, the Sporting Town 1883-1905" (undated), "Medicine Hat 1882-1889 Beginnings of a Prairie Community" (1985); student research papers (6) entitled "St. John's Presbyterian Church in Medicine Hat: The Role of the Church in Early HIstory", by Larry Boswell (undated), "A Study of Chinese in Medicine Hat", by Neil Ward (1980), "St. Theresa's Academy: The Death of an Institution", by Bob Derval (1982), "An Introduction to the History of Bow Island", by Sheila Stearns (1982), "A Decade of Law Enforcement, The NWMP 1883-1983", by Sherri Robinson (undated), "History of Policing in the Community of Medicine Hat 1899-1925", by Erica Seitz (undated); index to events as recorded in the Medicine Hat Times & News 1885-1905, by Roy Wilson (undated); binder containing student essays (8) entitled "34 SFTS", by Rob Lerner (1984), "The Forgotten People", by Patricia Anhorn (undated), "The Two Sided Triangle", by Brent Schorr (1984), "Too Many, Too Soon", by Doug Trieber (1984), "The History of the Empress Theatre", by Shari English (undated), "The Commercial and Structural Growth of Swift Current from Railroad Hamlet to City 1882-1914", by Tom Waters (1984), "Zion United Church", by Dave Mikuliak (undated), "Irvine - Some Special Citizens Views of it's Growth and Development", by Bonnie Sanders (undated); duo-tang folder of student essays (5) entitled "Social Statistics, Family Housing and Settlement in selected areas of the S.E. Hill 1903-1925", by Trudi Henderson (1985), "The Effect of the Spanish Influenza", by Toni Maier (1985), "Dontianen: The Tom Sukanen Story", by Rob Poole (1985), "The Bohnet Family-In Search of a New Start", by Rocky Bohnet (1985), "Blissful Ignorance: The POW [Prisoner of War] Camp 132, Medicine Hat", by Carol Sommer Eng (1985); article entitled "Through Memories Windows" as told to Mary Sophia Desmarais by her uncle George William Sanderson (undated); written report on the "State of Affairs in the Northwest" by Edward McKay (1873); one stock binder from Domglass (1944); binder of biographical notes of early Medicine Hat residents (undated); collected CPR research materials (1992); image of Dr. Roy Wilson; 1 audio cassette interview with Dr. Roy Wilson (1984).

Wilson, Roy

Robert James Costar collection

  • MED med-59
  • Collection
  • 1884-1969

The collection consists of: a small number of Chinese documents (1940-1969); biographical and correspondence files for the following individuals: W.A.C. Bennett, Ross Thatcher, W.R. MacDonald, L.J. Robichaud, H.E. Strom, Premier Smallwood, H.A. "Bud" Olsen, A. Dederer, A. Howard, J.P. May, M.W. Ireland, P.E. Trudeau, Dr. J.W.G. MacEwan, A.B. Campbell, and J.P. May (1967-1969); land transfer agreement between Dominion Glass and the City of Medicine Hat (1914-1919); public notice re: prosecution for selling of intoxicants to Indians (undated); membership list of the 28th Parliament (1969), and 1st Regiment Alberta Mounted Rifles (WWII); an unused RNWMP pocket diary (1919); RCMP regulation for civilian members (undated); information brochure re: terraplane cars (1935); floor plan of Black's Retail store; numerous programs-Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo (1967), Royal Visit (1939), Musical Theatre: "The Gypsy Rover" (undated), "Grand Choral Concert" (1918), Medicine Hat Male Choir (1923), program from Medicine Hat Philharmonic Society's production of "Elijah" (1921), Medicine Hat Amateur Operatic Society productions of "Floradora" (1923), "Pirates of Penzance" (1914), "The Mikado" (1914); Maple Leaf Milling Co. inspection certificates-Irvine, Alberta (1922-1938), and licenses (1924-1956); WWII ration booklets-gasoline (1944-46), food (1940-45); assorted greeting cards and postcards of Canada and Europe (ca. 1900-1939); beer bottle labels from various breweries; an unemployment Insurance booklet issued to Rose Costar (1949-50); map of Canada (undated); handwritten interview and questionnaire re: Ireland family (3 pgs) (1969); images of the NWMP, eminent citizens, and views of in and around Medicine Hat.

Costar, Robert James, collector

Public Archives of Canada collection

  • MED med-274
  • Collection
  • 1880

The fonds consists of: maps (2), showing Professor Macoun's route through the Northwest Territory, and enlargement of Cypress Hills area (1880); images of various views of early Medicine Hat and surrounding area, ranch life (1882-1944).

Public Archives of Canada

Provincial Archives of Alberta collection

  • MED med-316
  • Collection
  • 1883-1952

The collection consists of: a bound report entitled "Tilley East Report" ([ca. 1924]); O.S. Alberta maps of the following areas: Tnsp 13, Rgs 5 (4), and 6 (1884-1885); field notes from Tpe 13, Rgs 5 and 6 (1883); R.N.W.M.P. transcripts re: The Dreamer Sect and investigative notes (1907-1911); images of various Blackfoot and Peigan artifacts and people, and of Medalta Pottery and Medicine Hat Greenhouses.

Provincial Archives of Alberta

Parks Canada (Winnipeg) collection

  • MED med-670
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1890-1897]

The fonds consists of images taken by Geraldine Moodie of first nations, including Sun Dance and other ceremonies in the Battleford area, NWMP activities and portraits of its officers, plus early pioneering and ranching views.

Parks Canada. Winnipeg

Oldtimers Museum collection

  • MED med-647
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1875-1935]

The fonds consists of images depicting the pioneering period of Maple Creek.

Oldtimers Museum (Maple Creek, Sask.)

Mrs. Christine Chalifoux fonds

  • MED med-64
  • Fonds
  • 1982

The fonds consists of: an illustrated publication entitled "Herbs of Long Ago" by Dr. Anne Anderson (1982); 1 audio cassette interview with Mrs. Chalifoux (1989).

Chalifoux, Christine

Miriam Beavan fonds

  • MED med-48
  • Fonds
  • 1939-1964

The fonds consists of: paper presented to Roblin Women's Institute on "Manitoba Industries", prepared by M. Beavan (1953); newsclipping of Grant MacEwan's article "Sun Dance Was Important to Indian's Spiritual Life" (1964); souvenir program of the Royal Welcome Week to Winnipeg (1939).

Beavan, Miriam

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