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Addiction Research Foundation fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1910-1998, predominant 1951-1996

Fonds consists of records obtained or created by ARF between 1951 and 1998 regarding the administration and operations of the Foundation as well as the pursuit of ARF goals in terms of research, treatment and rehabilitation services, prevention programs and services, and public awareness and knowledge. [ARF goals per "The Addiction Research Foundation at work" -- Toronto : ARF, 1971]. Although original order was maintained as much as possible, the Archives physically consolidated distinct groupings such as annual reports, research reports, and leases. Since original order often dictates meaning, it was decided to keep the physical order and in some cases to impose an intellectual order by assigning the records to subseries and narrower groupings which best seemed to represent the different creators’ intents. Fonds consists of the following series: Series 01, subseries 01 to 11 : ARF Executive Office Series Series 02, subseries 12 : Time Capsule Series Series 03, subseries 13 to 20 : H. David Archibald Series Series 04, subseries 21 to 22 : ARF People and Programs Photographic Series

Canadian Mental Health Association fonds

  • ON00008 Fonds 0004
  • Fonds
  • 1918-1984, predominant 1918-1960

Fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, photographs, briefs, studies, reports, committee papers, scrapbooks and memorabilia created or received by the CMHA's National Office. There are many gaps in the early administrative records of the organization. Photocopies of minutes of the Board of Directors from 1928 until 1949 were integrated into the fonds. The fonds includes the minutes and related papers of the various councils and committees of the CMHA including the Scientific Planning Council and the Committee on Mental Health Services (Tyhurst Committee). Various surveys and special projects conducted by the Association are documented in the records. Provincial surveys of mental institutions carried out between 1918 (Manitoba) and 1947 (Newfoundland) were very influential on national policies. Other surveys and related material in the fonds are the British Columbia survey of mental health resources carried out by the American Psychiatric Association in 1958-59 and the Toronto Psychiatric Survey in the early 1940s. Material from several studies conducted by the CMHA is found in the fonds, including the Regal Road School Study, 1929 - 1933 and the Shy and Recessive Children Study, 1937 - 1957. Anti-psychiatry campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s in Canada and the United States are also documented. Fonds consists of the following series: Biographical files Clinics Committee on Psychiatric [Mental Health] Services (Tyhurst Committee) Correspondence General Director - Clarence M. Hinks Historical Materials International Committee for Mental Hygiene Minutes National Committee for Mental Hygiene (United States) National Inter-Agency Recreation Project Pamphlets Photographs Public Policy Files General Director - George Rohn papers Scrapbooks Submissions to Government Studies and Reports Surveys Task Force on Organizational Development

Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) fonds

  • ON00008 F44
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1892]-1990

Fonds consists primarily of meeting minutes and proceedings from Annual General Meetings of the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) and various publications, articles and pamphlets related to the CPA or psychiatry generally. Includes minutes from meetings of the CPA’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors, various issues of the CPA Bulletin, and various versions of the CPA’s Constitution with related amendments. Also includes other publications and pamphlets concerning various psychiatric topics and memorial notices for the death of colleagues in the field. Also includes a scrapbook regarding the awarding of the Medal of Service of the Order of Canada to Dr. Clarence B. Farrar in 1969, which contains photographs and copies of letters, and a petition from 1916 regarding the establishment of farm colonies for persons with mental illness. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Meeting minutes and proceedings from annual meetings Publications, articles, and pamphlets Scrapbook and petition Artefacts

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Queen Street site

  • Fonds
  • 1888-2004

Fonds consists of textual records, graphic material including photographs, posters, and art works, architectural records, artifacts, audio-visual recordings, and ephemera, related to the operation of Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Queen Street site, and its predecessor body, the Queen Street Mental Health Centre (QSMHC), as well as the physical evolution of the facility, and the life and work of its staff and patients. Textual records include newsletters and newspaper clippings, articles and serial publications, reports, memoranda, correspondence, manuals, manuscripts, and directories. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Photographs, moving images, and sound recordings Volunteer Association Public Relations office Psychology Department Printed and published matter Administration office Events and exhibitions Art, architecture, and artifacts Minutes Organizational history

Charles A. Roberts fonds

  • ON00008 F19
  • Fonds
  • 1925-1993, predominant 1941-1993

Fonds consists primarily of publications and presentations by Dr. C.A. Roberts on a variety of topics related to psychiatry and his career experiences including: mental health administration and hospital administration; mental health services and programs; the responsibility of the government in the provision of mental health programming; public health and community health services; addiction; rehabilitation of the mentally ill; various treatments including insulin treatment; health insurance; teamwork in the provision of mental health services; military psychiatry; preventative psychiatry; mental health care in Newfoundland; and the history of psychiatry in Canada including foci on the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital, the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, and reflections on World War II. Also includes reports by Dr. Roberts concerning mental health services in other countries (i.e., the United States of America, Jamaica, and Mexico), annual reports for the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, copies of related articles by colleagues, and copies of Dr. Roberts' curriculum vitae with lists of his publications.

Donald Elliott Zarfas fonds

  • ON00008 F37
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1877]-1995, predominant 1960-1989

Fonds consists of materials pertaining primarily to Dr. Zarfas' work as an administrator in the Ontario Ministry of Health and Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services with respect to the Mental Retardation Services Branch, which was transferred from the former Ministry to the latter in 1974, and to Dr. Zarfas' work as a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of Western Ontario. With respect to the former position, fonds includes documentation pertaining to planning and review projects and studies concerning various Ontarian institutions that cared for persons with developmental disabilities and to administrative matters concerning the Mental Retardation Services Branch. With respect to the latter position, fonds includes documentation pertaining to Dr. Zarfas' teaching responsibilities within the University as well as employment-related matters and committee work. Fonds also includes documentation pertaining to Dr. Zarfas' work as a consultant to numerous institutions and organizations with respect to developmental disabilities including his participation in research studies, task forces, institutional investigations and reviews, and analyses of service development and delivery. Fonds includes: publications, articles, papers, presentations, studies, reports, newsletters, press releases, newsclippings, and manuals; statistical charts and tables including patient lists; correspondence and memoranda; materials pertaining to conferences, symposiums, and workshops including speeches, programmes, schedules, and overhead transparencies; materials pertaining to various committees and professional associations such as briefs, position papers, budgets, and meeting agendas and minutes; personal day planners and calendars; employment-related materials such as position specifications, curriculum vitae, and personnel forms; teaching-related materials such as course handouts, class evaluations, and tests; cassette tapes from lectures; photographs of staff members and institutions; and architectural plans for various institutions for the care of the developmentally disabled. Also includes one microscope slide pertaining to the study on Depo Provera and breast cancer.

Donwood Institute fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1955-1998

The fonds consists of textual records, videotapes, audiotapes, photographs, films and slides relating to the functioning of The Donwood Institute. Textual records include annual reports, fundraising and long-term planning information, focus group and program reports, informational brochures, staff profiles, newspaper and periodical articles, and conference agendas. Non-textual material highlights staff, activities, presentations, an informational video series and treatment goals and objectives. Fonds consists of the following series: Planning Fiscal Professional Education Outreach and Public Affairs Staff Media Audiovisual

Douglas Gordon Campbell fonds

  • ON00008 F29
  • Fonds
  • 1920-17 Nov. 1992, predominant 1932-1981

Fonds consists of materials pertaining to the life and career of Dr. D.G. Campbell that were created or accumulated both during the time of his life and after his death. Specifically, fonds contains documentation of Dr. Campbell’s biography (i.e., curriculum vitae, biographical statements created for publication in various directories, and memorial statements written at the time of his death) and other personal materials such as insurance forms, correspondence with colleagues and patients, copies of correspondence to family members after his death, correspondence regarding the disposition of his archival materials, and original school transcripts and certificates. Regarding his professional activities, fonds includes: transcripts of lectures given at the School of Social Welfare at the University of California Medical School at Berkeley and at Connecticut College with miscellaneous lecture notes; copies of publications, articles, and manuscripts either authored by Dr. Campbell or used by him as research material concerning various topics such as general semantics, nutrition, dancers, psychosomatic medicine, the physiology of the spine and neck, and neuropsychiatry; and copies of transcripts of radio interviews concerning the use of harmful pesticides among other things. Fonds also includes audio discs of lectures given in 1946 on the topics of general semantics and mental hygiene and the child and an audio cassette of part of a radio interview concerning pesticide use. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Personal or biographical records Academic lectures Publications, articles, presentations, and interview transcripts Photographic records Audio discs and audio cassette

Dr. Charles Kirk (C.K.) Clarke collection

  • Fonds
  • 1850-1980, predominant 1870-1924

Fonds consists of textual records, photographs and photo blocks that were either created by Dr. C.K. Clarke or accumulated and used by him. Some limited information about Dr. Clarke, obtained posthumously, is also included. Professional textual records relate to Clarke’s tenure as psychiatrist, hospital administrator and professor and include case files, correspondence, curriculum notes, psychiatric literature, reports, newspaper clippings, publications and speeches. Some material from the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene may also be found here. Clarke’s personal textual materials include sketchbooks, limericks, fiction, correspondence and ornithological writings. Non-textual materials are of both a professional and personal nature. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Biographical Clinical Professional Personal Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene Miscellaneous

Edward J. Rosen fonds

  • ON00008 F28
  • Fonds
  • 16 July 1949-1 Nov. 1992, predominant 1960-1986

Fonds consists largely of copies of publications, articles, and studies – many of which are authored or co-authored by Dr. E.J. Rosen – that primarily concern various issues pertaining to child psychiatry including child abuse, the education of emotionally disturbed children, and mental retardation. However, fonds also includes copies of publications and articles that pertain to other psychiatry-related topics including the relationship of biology to mental health, nutrition, depression, and violence portrayed in the media. Fonds also includes: some correspondence that largely relates to Dr. Rosen’s professional activities including his participation in studies, attendance at meetings of organizations regarding child abuse, and his receipt of publications or copies of studies; some financial records particularly pertaining to Dr. Rosen’s investments, income tax, insurance, and submissions to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) as a physician; some material (predominantly form letters and meeting announcements) pertaining to Dr. Rosen’s involvement in various professional associations such as the Ontario Medical Association; teaching records predominantly relating to Dr. Rosen’s work at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education but also in relation to lectures he gave for classes in the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry; and materials such as meeting minutes, proposals, and reports that are related to Dr. Rosen’s consultancy work at various organizations including the Etobicoke Board of Education, the Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto, the T.R.E.A.T. (Treatment Resource for Emotionally and/or Abused Toddlers) Program, the West End Creche Child and Family Clinic, Blue Hills Treatment Centre for Pre-School Children, and various Vancouver-based organizations. The fonds also contains a copy of a transcript of a panel discussion that documents reminiscences of former employees of the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital including Dr. Rosen. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Correspondence and memorandum Financial records Professional associations and committees Teaching records Consultancy work Publications, articles, studies and related material

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