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Alexander McKenzie land documents

  • CA PCA Acc4447
  • Collection
  • 1809, 1817

The collection is composed of two conveyances of land in Lot 24 to Alexander McKenzie of Brackley Point/Rustico: one of 100 acres from Samuel May Williams in 1809 and the second of 123 acres from James Hodges in 1817.

MacKenzie, Alexander

Provincial Treasurer fonds

  • CA PCA RG8
  • Fonds
  • 1775-1981, Photocopied 2003

This fonds consists of the administrative and financial records of the office of the Provincial Treasurer spanning the years 1775 to 1981. The Treasurer was required to keep a set of books in which the accounts of each government office were to be "duly entered, kept, and balanced." Originally, these records were to be presented to the Lieutenant Governor in Council for his inspection at quarterly intervals and upon retirement or removal from office, the books were to be handed on to the Treasurer's successor. Later, the books were examined by the Provincial Auditor. Included among these records are correspondence, journals, day books, various types of ledgers, warrant books, pay lists, bond books, Public Accounts, land assessment rolls, school district boundaries, and records of the office of the Deputy Provincial Treasurer. This fonds is divided into 7 series:

Accounting records
Reports and printed materials
Deputy Provincial Treasurer's records
Assessment and taxation records

Provincial Treasurer

Provincial Secretary fonds

  • CA PCA RG7
  • Fonds
  • 1795-1978

This fonds consists of records spanning colonial administration in Prince Edward Island to the end of the government department known as the Department of Provincial Secretary. Records in this fonds provide a glimpse of early administrative duties to the wide variety of responsibilities of a small government department. Included in this fonds is administrative correspondence; registration records of patents, copyright, joint stock companies, motor vehicles, and credit unions; tavern, inn, peddler and marriage licensing records; Royal and state visit itinerary and planning files; subject files; business taxation records; election files; maps; some photographs; architectural drawings of proposed government administration buildings; and files pertaining to the establishment of the Prince Edward Island National Park. This fonds divides into the following 22 series: licenses, patents, letter books, justices of the peace, oaths of allegiance and office, copyright registrations, royal visits, commissions, joint stock companies, elections, taxation records, motor vehicle registrations, correspondence and subject files, Prince Edward Island National Park, credit unions, Minister's files, Centennial 1967, a miscellaneous series, succession duty records, Winding Up act records and provincial survey.

Prince Edward Island. Department of the Provincial Secretary

Court of Appeal in Equity fonds

  • CA PCA RG6.7
  • Fonds
  • 1888-1942

The fonds consists of minutes and regulations, decrees of the Court, dockets, and case files which contain factums and related materials. Cases deal with the interpretation of wills and trusts, distribution of proceeds of legal transactions and other matters. Case papers are arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within the year by the name of the appellant.

Prince Edward Island. Court of Appeal in Equity

Court of Chancery fonds

  • CA PCA RG6.6
  • Fonds
  • 1793-1974

The fonds consists of the administrative and operational (i.e. case papers) records of the court from its inception, ca. 1793, to its demise in 1974. They are arranged in the following series:

Series 1: Minutes, orders & commissions
Series 2: Case papers
Series 3: Correspondence
Series 4: Register of decrees in Chancery
Series 5: Account books
Series 6: Judges' notes
Series 7: Registrar's records
Series 8: Daniel Hodgson scholarship

Prince Edward Island. Court of Chancery

Magistrates' Courts fonds

  • CA PCA RG6.5
  • Fonds
  • 1925-1959

This fonds consists of legal forms produced by the Magistrates' Courts in Prince Edward Island and span the years 1925 to 1959. Legal documents include Forms of Judgment for Poll Tax, "Schedule "T": Judgment against land forms, Informations, Warrants to Apprehend, Warrants Remanding Prisoner, Case papers, Executions, Warrants of Deliverance, and Warrants of Commitment. The documents included in this fonds were created by Justices of the Peace, Magistrates, or Stipendiary Magistrates serving in Prince Edward Island or their clerks. This fonds is divided into two series: Kings County and Prince County.

Prince Edward Island. Magistrates' Court

Court of Vice-Admiralty of Prince Edward Island fonds

  • CA PCA RG6.4
  • Fonds
  • 1836-1929

The fonds consists of two series of records. One series contains miscellaneous administrative records such as minutes, commissions of court officials, rules, regulations and tables of fees, and some miscellaneous correspondence. The second series is comprised of case files which include documents filed, evidence and transcripts of testmony. They deal with some criminal matters such as murder and the intention to wreck vessels as well as infringement of international fishery agreements, and civil disputes arising from collisions and failure to pay seamen. Case files are arranged by year and, in the early years, alphabetically within the year. In 1891 the files were consecutively numbered by the court and arranged accordingly.

Prince Edward Island. Vice-Admiralty Court

County Courts fonds

  • CA PCA RG6.3
  • Fonds
  • 1848-1979

The fonds consists of legal and administrative records produced by the County Courts of Prince Edward Island and span the years 1848 to 1977. Legal documents include extant dockets, court minutes, case papers, judgment books, land judgment books, insolvent court papers, and Naturalization papers. Administrative records of the court are included in the County clerks' records which consist of county court fees, day and writ books, journals, ledgers, correspondence, garnishee books, and various miscellaneous records filed and/or registered with the County clerks' offices. Judges' records consist of circuit books and minute books. Also included are Oaths of Office and Allegiance books which record such appointments as Justices of the Peace, magistrates, coroners, notaries, and registrars of deeds. With the exception of the judges' records, the documents included in this fonds were for the most part created and/or registered with the County Clerks or Assistant Clerks. This fonds is divided into three sous-fonds: Kings County, Queen's County, and Prince County.

Prince Edward Island. County Court

Sheriffs' fonds

  • CA PCA RG6.14
  • Fonds
  • 1885-1947

This fonds consists of administrative and financial records of the offices of the Sheriffs of King's County and of Prince County spanning the years 1885 to 1947. These records include process and execution books, ledgers, correspondence, lists of jurors, and other miscellaneous papers generated by the sheriffs' offices. This fonds is divided into two series: King's County records and Prince County records.

Prince Edward Island. Sheriff

Courts of Commissioners for the Recovery of Small Debts fonds

  • CA PCA RG6.12
  • Fonds
  • 1839-1873

This fonds consists of legal and administrative papers produced by the Courts of Commissioners for the Recovery of Small Debts for the Kings County area and span the years 1839 to 1873. Legal documents include 41 volumes of judgment books as well as 3 indices. The administrative records include one ledger and one day book. This fonds is divided into two series: Judgments and Clerk of the Commissioners' Court records.

Prince Edward Island. Court of Commissioners for the Recovery of Small Debt

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