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Legislative Library Port La Joye collection : [1733, 1751]

  • CA PCA Acc2332
  • Collection
  • 1920, Copied [ca. 1920]

This collection consists of copies of 7 architectural drawings depicting the proposed fort at Port La Joye and plans of the buildings at the fort. The originals are dated 1733 and 1751. Also included in this collection is a letter dated 1920 from A. A. McLean, possibly of the Public Archives of Canada, to Mr. Fraser of the Legislative Library in Charlottetown.

Prince Edward Island. Legislative Library

MacMillan family collection

  • CA PCA Acc2367
  • Collection
  • 1788-1972

The majority of the collection consists of documents relating to Alexander McMillan the elder and Alexander McMillan the younger and the land they owned in Lot 57. Land records of the McMillan family include conveyances, notice of sales, leases, surveys, and plans of the township. Other records of the McMillan family include correspondence, as well as financial and legal documents concerning the rent of land as well as probate documents. Miscellaneous items include newspaper clippings, as well as obituary notices for Joseph A. MacMillan. The records are arranged into the following series:

  1. Land records
  2. Correspondence
  3. Financial records
  4. Legal records
  5. Miscellaneous files

MacMillan, Alexander (Family)

Colonial Building exterior plan

  • CA PCA Acc2455
  • Collection
  • [1837?]

This single collected item consists of an architectural drawing of the exterior of the proposed Colonial Building to be built in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The plan is comprised of three sheets. The provenance of this plan is unknown although, given the similarity between this plan and the structure of the Colonial Building as it was built, it is likely that the architect was Isaac Smith.


Mrs. Yeo T. Smith collection

  • CA PCA Acc2658
  • Collection
  • 1905

The collection consists of three postcards of the Hotel Victoria, Victoria Row, and the Provincial buildings in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. These postcards were mailed from Pictou, Nova Scotia, to Mrs. Yeo T. Smith in Ottawa in 1905. There are no messages on the postcards, just the address of the recipient.

Smith, Mrs. Yeo T.

Mrs. D. C. Matthews meteorological collection

  • CA PCA Acc2676
  • Collection
  • 1959-1972

The collection consists of seven articles relating to storms in the Maritime region of Canada, including those that occurred on Prince Edward Island from 1959 to 1972. Included are articles from such publications as the "Weatherwise" and "The Ice Seminar," as well as documents published by the Canadian Departments of Transport and Environment. The collection also contains "A Bibliography of Canadian Climate, 1763-1957," compiled by Morley K. Thomas in 1961.

Matthews, Mrs. D. C.

Record of marriages [performed by Rev. John Knox]

  • CA PCA Acc2840
  • Collection
  • 1843-1892

The volume consists of a volume a record of the marriages performed by Rev. Knox , primarily in Lot 48, between the years 1843 and 1892. The back of the book has been used for writings on certain religious tenets, possibly preparatory to sermons or lectures. There are also some newspaper clippings pasted in concerning Rev. Knox and the Dewar family.

Knox, John

C. R. Leard collection

  • CA PCA Acc2948
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1903]

This fonds consists of 10 images of the town of Alberton and surrounding areas.

Leard, C. R.

Lowell Hancock photograph collection

  • CA PCA Acc2969
  • Collection
  • 1925-1965

This collection consists of 305 photographs relating to the fax farming industry on Prince Edward Island. Begun in the late nineteenth century by Charles Dalton and Robert Oulton, the fox farming industry grew steadily on the Island and spread to the other provinces, the United States, Europe and the world. The industry on P.E.I. reached its peak in the two decades between 1910 and 1930 and remained steady enough to see many farmers through the depression of the thirties. By the end of the decade however, a downward trend had become evident and the end of the Second World War spelled the beginning to the end of fox farming although there was a brief upsurge in the late sixties and seventies. The majority of images are of foxes (both live and pelts). Also captured are fox farms, fox shows and some individuals related to the business.

Hancock, Lowell

Winifred Clark collection

  • CA PCA Acc3118
  • Collection
  • 192-?

The fonds consists of eleven color postcards, eight of which depict streets and buildings in Charlottetown such as St. Dunstan's College, Prince of Wales College, Victoria Hotel, Queen's Square, Grafton Street, Queen Street, Great George Street, as well as Victoria Park. Other postcards depict Rocky Point, the Summerside Post Office, and the "Prince Edward Island" car ferry. Two postcards include messages to William Carr of Elm Avenue, Charlottetown.

Clark, Winifred

Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts collection

  • CA PCA Acc3144
  • Collection
  • 1952-1964

The fonds consists of eighteen photographs, three certificates and posters relating to the productions of the Little Theatre Guild in Charlottetown from 1952?-1964. The productions photographed include "Eros at Breakfast" (1952), "Julius Caesar," "The Merchant of Venice," "Our Dream House," "The Bishop Misbehaves," Anne of Green Gables," "My Three Angels" (1955), "Whitehead Boy" (1955), "Angel Street" (1956), and the presentation of the Martha Allan Challenge Trophy in 1956. The fonds also consists of three certificates; two certificates of the Calvert Regional Trophy awarded in 1955 for "The Whiteheaded Boy," and in 1956 for "Angel Street," and one certificate of the Martha Allan Challenge Trophy for "Angel Street" presented to the Little Theatre Guild in 1956. Also included in the fonds are posters and pamphlets promoting the productions of various plays throughout the 1950-1960s.

Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts

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