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DeSable Women's Institute fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4993
  • Fonds
  • 1948-1966, predominant 1948-1958

This fonds contains two minute books of the DeSable Women's Institute covering the dates 1948 to 1966. Along with meeting minutes, the minute books also contain membership lists, lists of officers, and roll call as well as some financial records. The fonds also contains one Bank of Nova Scotia pass book containing entries from 1949 to 1966.

DeSable Women's Institute

Earnscliffe Women's Institute fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4992
  • Fonds
  • 1956-2006

This fonds contains five minute books of the Earnscliffe Women's Institute covering the dates 1956 to 2006. Along with meeting minutes, minute books contain membership lists, annual reports, lists of officers, and roll call as well as some financial records. The fonds also contains one issue of "Institute News" from December 1988 and a number of two-page histories of the Institute, written by the members.

Earnscliffe Women's Institute

Durant family letters collection

  • CA PCA Acc4991
  • Collection
  • 1850-1869, 1935, 2004, 2005, predominant 1850-1869

This collection consists of letters to members of the Durant family. The majority of the letters have been transcribed and the transcriptions are included in the collection. There are a number of letters (1850-1863) to Samuel Brock Durant of Prince Edward Island from his mother Mary Ann Durant (who later remarried to become Mary Ann Goddard) and his sister Elizabeth Durant, both of Plymouth. Samuel's mother and sister write with news of Samuel's brothers, comment on Samuel's purchase of his leasehold estate and update the family with their own news. In the collection, there is also an 1868 letter from Peter Sinclair to S. Durant, Esq. regarding a PEI government appointment to distribute monetary relief for poor people to buy seed; an 1863 letter from James Durant to his parents, notifying them of his safe arrival in Falmouth; an 1864 letter of condolence from Hannah B. Simmons to Mrs. Durrant [sic]; and a 1869 letter from R. Reddin to J.C. Durant asking that Durant bring to his trial a witness who can confirm Durant's date of birth. There are two letters from Septimus Durant of Castlemain to his mother, one explaining how the bank manager had defrauded him (1860) and another newsy letter of current events (1868). A 1935 letter from Geo. N. Somers, pastor of Margate United Church, confirms the date of birth of Lottie Armenia Durant, while another 1869 letter from John Yeo to Mrs. Durant confirms a package can be shipped to England on his vessel. Also included in the collection is an 1864 store ledger statement for Samuel Durant. Other correspondence (2004, 2005) discusses the collection of letters.

Durant (Family)

Gertrude MacMillan collection

  • CA PCA Acc4990
  • Collection
  • 1910, [200-?], Copied 2008

The collection consists of two diaries of Gertrude MacMillan covering 1 January 1910 through 25 May 1910. The diaries are a daily account of rural family farm life. Outdoor chores include cutting and sawing wood, separating milk, thrashing, slaughtering pigs, and hauling manure. Helena "Wilhelmina" (Gertrude's younger sister) and Florence Coffin (her cousin who lived with the family) went to school, but Gertrude stayed at home and her diary records homemaking tasks such as baking and sewing. Gertrude also recounts visitors' names, passersby, pedlars, mail delivery, and purchasing household supplies and foodstuffs. Other than a sprained ankle, the only mention of Gertrude being ill is a sore eye on 25 May 1910, the last diary entry. The collection also includes a name key (to identify people mentioned in the diaries), two portrait photographs (one of Gertrude and one of her parents and sister) and two newspaper clippings regarding Gertrude's death in 1910.

MacMillan, Gertrude

Unidentified procession photograph : [ca. 1910]

  • CA PCA Acc4989
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1910]

This photograph [ca. 1910] depicts an unidentified procession along the water at Victoria Park in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Some of the men in the procession are wearing tartan sashes and tams, others top hats. The three men leading the procession are carrying bagpipes, and musical instruments can be seen further back in the crowd. A number of people appear to be walking alongside, but slightly apart from, the actual procession.


Dr. Don Glendenning fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4988
  • Fonds
  • 1972-1978

This fonds consists of Dr. Don Glendennings's records relating to the Prince Edward Island Chapter of the Canadian Vocational Association. Records include minutes, agendas, constitution and correspondence for the period 1972 to 1978.

Glendenning, Dr. Don

North Tryon Women's Institute fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4980
  • Fonds
  • 1902-2005, predominant 1959-1993

The North Tryon Women's Institute fonds contains records relating to the administration of the organization (1959-1995), events and projects undertaken by the Institute (1954-2005), and the establishment and functions of the North Tryon Historical Association and their "Remember Yesterday" publishing project (1902-1999).

North Tryon Women's Institute

Rogers' Mill fonds : [1868-1914]

  • CA PCA Acc4979
  • Fonds
  • Copied 2007

The fonds contains photocopies of records from David Rogers' Dunk River Mills, including a ledger (ca. 1868-1887), three daily logs (1889-1893; 1895; 1895-1896), and miscellaneous newspaper articles and other papers from inside the ledger (ca. 1901, 1912, 1914). The ledger names the mill customers, prices and the products milled for them, such as wool, oats, flour, boards, shingles, etc. The later handwriting and agricultural newspaper articles pasted into the ledger were put there by Frank Lawson Cairns (1895-1964) of Lower Freetown, grandson of David Rogers. The daily logs hold rough notes about mill orders and payments. These transactions were likely recorded in the log books in the course of daily business activities at the mill, with the intention that they later be transferred into the bound ledger.

Rogers' Mill (Dunk River, P.E.I.)

Doris Haslam collection

  • CA PCA Acc4978
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1870]-2000, predominant 1935-2000

This collection consists of various textual and photographic records of Doris Muncey Haslam spanning the years ca. 1870 to 2000. The records are divided into four series: the Genealogical notes and correspondence series details Doris Haslam's continued interest in genealogy; the Scrapbooks series contains five of Doris Haslam's scrapbooks; the Personal correspondence and household accounts series consists of an account book and letters; and the Miscellaneous records series contains newsletters, postcards and a draft copy of the community history of Springfield.

Haslam, Doris Muncey

Central Bedeque Women's Christian Temperance Union fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4977
  • Fonds
  • 1959-1964

The fonds consists of one minute book of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Central Bedeque, Prince Edward Island for the period 1959-1964. Membership and executive lists are included in the minute book.

Central Bedeque Women's Christian Temperance Union

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