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New Waterford: Dominion #14 Colliery

  • NSSXA 80-852-5032
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of the New Waterford Dominion #14 Colliery, showing company houses in the foreground.

Town of New Waterford

  • NSSXA T-2167
  • Pièce

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of C.J.C.B. Radio "Talk Back" announcer Norris Nathanson interviewing Dr. Danny Nathanson on the history of the town of New Waterford.

Miners, New Waterford

  • NSSXA 80-16-4196
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of miners at #14, New Waterford, with new lamps.

New Waterford Miners

  • NSSXA 80-110-4290
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of miners with the first load of coal from No. 18 Colliery, 18 March, 1938. The men are identified on the back of the photograph.

New Waterford Three Score and Ten: Seventy Years of Civic History

  • NSSXA FC 2349 N48 B6
  • Pièce

Item is a book edited by Ted Boutilier that outlines the history of New Waterford, as of its 70th anniversary in 1983. It features information about community institutions, culture, organizations, and recreation, and includes a section titled "The First Black Men to Settle in New Waterford."