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Human Rights Commission Executive Records

Series forms part of Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and consists of materials created by the executive offices of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, principally those of the Chief Executive Officer and the Minister in Charge of Human Rights. These records include correspondence, briefing materials, organizational review papers, reports, speeches, press releases and other records documenting Executives' participation in decisions, activities and government committees. Records in this series document and support executive decisions and actions.

Minister's Briefing Books contain materials compiled for the Minister's reference in House of Assembly and include information on policy changes, business planning, updates on cases and complaints, and other high level activities of the Commission

Circuit records at Antigonish

Series forms part of Supreme Court on county circuit sous-fonds and consists of case files that include summonses, subpoenas, affidavits, briefs, exhibits (documentary evidence), pleadings, informations (charges), indictments, motions, orders, transcripts of testimony, appeals, motion orders, rulings, verdicts, and other material relating to civil actions and matters, as well as criminal prosecutions. These records appear to have had some connection with the Supreme Court sitting at Halifax, either in original jurisdiction or as a court of appeal, and although originating in Antigonish are not necessarily the complete remaining case files of the court sitting at Antigonish.

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Kings County circuit records

Series forms part of Supreme Court on county circuit sous-fonds and consists of official record books and case files of the court sitting in Kings County (predominantly Kentville).

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Lunenburg County circuit records

Series forms part of Supreme Court on county circuit sous-fonds and consists of official record books and case files of the court sitting in Lunenburg County (Lunenburg and Bridgewater).

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Fishing operations records

  • NSHP MG 3, vol. 646-810, 5175; Library o/s v/f vol. 13, no 10 and SH 334/N2781; graphic materials: 1981-542 and N0053-0074.-MG 3, vol. 720-753; graphic material 1981-542 and N0053-0074.
  • Série organique
  • 1900-1954
  • Fait partie de National Sea Products fonds

Series forms part of National Sea Products fonds and consists of records relating to the fishing operations of National Sea Products and its predecessors. Includes records of fishing vessels that did business with the company and fishing trip inventories that detail the species and amount of fish purchased and processed. The vessel records consist of ledgers and journals for individual schooners and trawlers, 1900-1938, that include names of owners, shareholders, amount of expenses and profits, and often, individual payments for catches. The fishing trip records consist of trip sheets, one set arranged by vessel name, 1927-1952 (including such well known trawlers as Cape LaHave and Cape North), and the other set arranged by date, 1945-1950. The sheets record the amount and species caught, and fishermen's share amounts each trip. There are also daily fish inventories of catches received at the Lunenburg Sea Products plants and subsequent shipments of fresh, frozen and salt fish, 1927-1954. Also includes 24 b&w copy prints with negatives, depicting fishing trawlers of the Maritime National Fish Company fishing for cod, 1933.

General Accounts

Series forms part of Treasury Papers and consists of early general account information for the province of Nova Scotia in the form of account, receipt and letter books, daily memoranda books, statements of expenditures for public services and for municipalities, and multiple forms of ledgers. Ledgers include those for outstanding accounts, government employee's salaries, road service costs, court costs and legal fees for County and Supreme Courts, and the interest paid on old and new funded debt. Documents on government assistance to farms, copies of the General Appropriations Act (1830), accounts of monies received from incorporated companies and telephone companies and a blank Tobacco Manufacturers Stock Book are also included, as is a letter book of Receiver-General James McNab (1855-1867).

Records in this series are primarily created by the Provincial Treasurer, Financial Secretary and the Receiver-General of Nova Scotia.

Impost and Excise

Series forms part of Treasury Papers and consists of records relating to the payment and collection of taxes and duties on goods imported into Nova Scotia. Duties were collected by Collectors of Impost and Excise from offices around the province. Records include Duty Returns for Fort Lawrence (1848), Statements of Imports into Nova Scotia (1852), General Statement of Imports (1851), lists of goods supplied to government troops and regiments, permits granted by Collectors of Impost and Excise for spiritous liquors subject to duty, Custom Permits, Quarterly Returns of Imported Goods, Accounts Current, Accounts of Drawback and Loans from the Provincial Treasury, Excise Duties Levied, records of stock on hand, and lists of bonds and obligations to the province. These detail the types of goods imported, where the goods came from and how much tax was paid.

Some correspondence regarding duties and treasury matters are also included.

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