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Dominion #6

  • NSSXA 78-154-1904
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of the generating plant of the Dominion #6 Colliery, Passchendaele.

Dominion Coal Company officials

  • NSSXA 80-695-4875
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of Dominion Coal Company officials with government officials and UMW representatives on an inspection of a coal mine. Several people in the photograph are identified.

A.S. McNeil

  • NSSXA 80-716-4896
  • Pièce
  • 1927

Item is a photograph of A.S. McNeil, Mining Society president from 1925 until 1927.

Shedden Studio

J. B. McLachlan

  • NSSXA 76-84
  • Pièce
  • 1933

Item is a photographic portrait of J. B. McLachlan, a labour leader in Glace Bay with the United Mine Workers of America. This portrait was taken when he was running an election under the title Workers United Front Candidate.

Shedden Studio

Coal Company Office and Staff, Glace Bay

  • NSSXA 77-339-473
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of the Coal Company office staff in Glace Bay, showing the interior of the office building. The names of the staff members are included on the reverse of the photograph.

Bras d'Or No. 4 Colliery

  • NSSXA 77-596-730
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of the employees of the #4 Colliery, Bras d'Or, C.B.. Robert Dickson, manager, is highlighted in the photograph.

Glace Bay #2 Colliery

  • NSSXA 77-697-831
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of Glace Bay #2 Colliery

Men Descending Shaft

  • NSSXA 77-699-833
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph showing nurses going down into the shaft at IB Colliery, Glace Bay.

Caledonia #4 Colliery

  • NSSXA 77-709-843
  • Pièce

Item is a photograph of the Caledonia #4 Colliery being demolished.

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