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Fonds Robert McVicar

  • CA QUEBEC P103
  • Fonds
  • 1815-1844

Le fonds Robert McVicar porte sur les activités de ce dernier en tant que chef négociant pour la compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson, qu'officier de milice, et qu'agent prospecteur des terres de la couronne. Le fonds offre aussi de l'information sur l'exploration dans l'Arctique et Sir John Franklin, les Amérindiens et leur rôle dans la traite des fourrures. Enfin, le fonds offre de l'uinformation sur certains aspects de la vie personnelle de Robert McVicar, comme son mariage, ses amis et sa santé. Le fonds est surtout composé de correspondance que Robert McVicar a reçu au fil des ans, notamment des lettres envoyées par John Richardson, John Franklin, Peter Warren Dease, Robert Miles, George Simpson et James Keith concernant les expéditions dans l'Arctique et la traite de la fourrure, des lettres du major John Mayne concernant le rôle de McVicar dans la milice à l'époque des rébellions, et des lettres du colonel Alexander Fraser et d'autres individus concernant la colonisation des terres dans la région de Owen Sound dans le Haut-Canada. Enfin, le fonds contient un reçu émis à Robert McVicar, de même qu'une invitation.

McVicar, Robert

Stanley Brooker fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-341
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1977

The fonds consists of photograph portraits of Stan (1910, 1916); and photographs of Brooker family and friends (1911-1924), farming at Airdrie (1912-1914), First World War friends (1916-1919), Calgary scenes and cars (1914-1915), town of Wayne and coal mines (1919-1926), Imperial Oil service station (1930s), and Stan's PA system work (1937-1938). Also consists of autobiographical notes, reminiscences and sketches of the Rose Deer Coal Mine (1977); drawings of 1913 car and 1921 radio (1976); and correspondence (1914-1915, 1937-1952).

Brooker, Stanley

Stanley Coombs fonds

  • CA PAA paa-8601
  • Fonds
  • [1914 -- 1990]

The fonds consists of photographs, correspondence, articles, clippings, booklets, publications, and newsletters related to the history of the HMCS Nonsuch dating from ca. 1914 to 1990 collected by Stanley Coombs

Coombs, Stanley

Stuart Macdonald Fox fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-977
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1915-1935]

The fonds consists of photographs of the 50th Battalion during the First World War, Ogden military hospital, Calgary, and post office staff (1925).

Fox, Stuart Macdonald

Thomas Hall collection : [1916-1919]

  • CA RED red-2790
  • Collection
  • Copied 1999

The collection consists of photograph of Thomas A. Hall and his wife Gladys (1916), a copy of his enlistment documents (1919), and a copy of the memorial certificate given to his wife (1923)

Hall, Thomas A.

Thomas Tweed fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-3692
  • Fonds
  • 1915-1918

The fonds consists of First World War letters and Field Service postcards sent by Tom to his mother and other family members while serving overseas. Includes a shrapnel-damaged book which he was carrying when killed on the battlefield. Also includes copies of biographical material compiled by the Tweed family.

Tweed, Thomas M.

Tom Hradec fonds

  • CA PPCLI ppcli-161
  • Fonds
  • 1964-1966

The fonds contains a manual for drivers in Germany, 2 programmes for the Drumhead Service and Trooping and Review during the Regimental Jubilee, 1964, 1 programme for the Beating Retreat on the 50th Anniversary of Frezenberg, a menu from the farewell dinner for Lieutenant Colonel G. G. Brown, 1965 and a newspaper article featuring the First Battalion Judo Team, 1966.

Hradec, Tom

Teel family fonds

  • MED med-336
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1938

The fonds consists of: O.S. framed portrait/certificate of Private F.D. Teel, commemorating his enlistment with the 175th Battalion, Overseas Expeditionary Force (1916); O.S. calendars (2) showing the English Inn (1910), and advertising O.A. Rimmer, Accountant and Commissioner of Oaths, Medicine Hat (1938).

Teel (family)

Third Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry fonds

  • CA PPCLI ppcli-39
  • Fonds
  • 1912, 1971-1994

The fonds contains one photograph of Lieutenant Colonel R. L. Wadmore, 1912 and 29 photographs depicting members of the Third Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry at Work Point Barracks, Esquimalt, British Columbia, 1971-1994 and on tour in Cyprus 1980 and 1988. The remaining photographic images (negatives and contact sheets) depict the Third Battalion during their tour in Croatia, 1992-1993 and are accompanied by a log book which also records various training exercises and parades, 1992-1993.

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Third Battalion

Veterans Volunteer Reserve of Eaglesham and District fonds

  • GPR gpr-2960
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1943

The fonds consists of copies of correspondence (and transcripts of the copies) between the Veterans Volunteer Reserve (VVR) of Eagleham and District and headquarters in Edmonton. The correspondence includes Unit Commanders reports regarding parades, intelligence work and miscellaneous information; letters about fundraising and recruitment to the VVR; and reports on investigations by members in cooperation with the RCMP: a N.A.R. cook molesting children, pro-Nazi sympathisers, subversive talk and activities such as discouraging young men from joining the army, farm boys unfairly claiming exemptions, people cheating on income tax, abuse of the rationing system, non-cooperation with VVR activities, and Jehovah's Witness activities. A good deal of effort to obtain convictions appears to have been expended by at least one active member with the encouragement of the provincial headquarters, and entrapment is openly discussed as a means of getting convictions. Correspondence from the platoon commander indicates a strong anti-French sentiment, and there are reports naming young French men who have applied for farming exemptions but are not actively farming their land, resulting in their exemptions being withdrawn. The collection also includes a letter registering disatisfaction with the leadership of the platoon commander and a patriotic poem written by Rita J. Powers about the work of the Veterans Volunteer Reserve.

Veterans Volunteer Reserve of Eaglesham and District

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