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1995 Grande Prairie Canada Winter Games Host Society fonds

  • GPR 0603
  • Fonds
  • 1993-1995

The fonds consists of the planning records for the 1995 Canada Winter Games, held in Grande Prairie in February-March 1995, particularly those the Cultural Division, which planned the "Fire in the Sky" cultural productions.

1995 Grande Prairie Canada Winter Games Host Society

Alexander Forbes fonds

  • GPR 0127
  • Fonds
  • 1909-1925

The fonds consists of records of the planning for and the construction of the Presbyterian churches at Glen Leslie and Bezanson and photographs presumably assembled by Mrs. Forbes relating to their journey to the Peace Country and church and community activities, buildings, and people in the Grande Prairie area.

Forbes, Alexander

Ashdown School District #4504 fonds

  • GPR 0576
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1938

The fonds consists of one minute book detailing the decisions made by the Ashdown School District for the years 1930-1938, as well as accounts and correspondence.

Ashdown School District #4504

Baldur School District #4349 fonds

  • GPR 0577
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1938

The fonds consists of one minute book and a few loose pages detailing the decisions made by the Baldur School District for the years 1928-1938, as well as accounts, tax assessment, and declarations of office.

Baldur School District #4349

Bay Tree Community Club fonds

  • GPR 0533
  • Fonds
  • 1986-1998

The fonds consists of records relating to the Bay Tree Community Club. They are divided into four series: minutes, financial records, correspondence and quilting, which the ladies used as a fundraiser. The correspondence includes information of the closing of the Silver Valley Campsite.
The records were in no particular order when they arrived, but the minutes were grouped together in duotangs labeled with the year. It should be noted that there are balance sheets in the duotangs with the minutes, and original order has been maintained. Taped to the inside cover of one of the duotangs was a photo marked 1991. This was removed and added to the other photos of quilts.

Bay Tree Community Club

Bay Tree Community Hall fonds

  • GPR 0534
  • Fonds
  • 1928-2003

The fonds consists of records relating to the operation of the hall and the meetings that were held in the running of the hall. There are minute books and list of memberships and executives; financial documents, deposit books and annual returns; receipts and documents pertaining to the running of the hall; the original lease agreement for the land the hall sits upon; and nine photographs of the Bay Tree community.
The fonds is arranged in six series based on record content: minutes, financial records, annual returns, land, hall operations and photographs. The arrangement has been set by the Archivist as for the most part the records were not in any set order.

Bay Tree Community Hall

Beaver Hockey League fonds

  • GPR 0488
  • Fonds
  • 1979-1983

The fonds consists of one set of minutes, game reports, schedules, league statistics, and play off statistics in 1979 for the teams Rycroft "Flames", Sexsmith "Generals", Hythe"Mustangs", Grande Prairie "Turbo Pumpers", "Doug's 66 Oilers", "G.P. Shadows" and Spirit River "Rangers". By 1983 the League final statitics show the teams as Hythe "Mustangs, Rycroft "Flames", Sexsmith "Generals", Grande Prairie "Blazers", Sexsmith "Huskies", and Spirit River "Rangers".

A copy of all records relating to game reports, league statistics, play off statistics, player statistics, schedules and league minutes were retained. Only duplicate copies of records were not retained.

Beaver Hockey League

Beaverlodge & District Historical Association fonds

  • GPR 0592
  • Fonds
  • 1988

The fonds consists of the proofs for "People of the Pass" written by Madelon Truax and Beth Sheehan in 1988. There are two sets of proofs. One is on 11 x 17 sheets of paper, one section per chapter, but with no photographs or page divisions. This set appears to have been used for proof-reading and corrections. The second set of proofs are 20 x 24 in. sheets of paper folded in 8ths and printed both sides to make 16 pages. There are 19 sections of 16 pages each, with photographs included throughout, to make up the 144 pages in the book. The proofs are accompanied by some loose sheets, including a list of the 274 photographs used in the book, coded to indicate who they came from, and designs for the front and back covers and introductory pages. There are also four photographs: a postcard of Kinuseo Falls by R.E. Leake used for the front of the book; Madelon & Garnet Truax in 1986; Everett, Beth, Kells and Moira Sheehan in 1987; and Beth with "the oven" at a winter camp at Two Lakes in 1986.

"People of the Pass" is the story of the people who dreamed of, engineered, and laboured on the Monkman Pass Highway through the Rocky Mountains southwest of Beaverlodge. This road was built with volunteer labour during the depression and, although it was never improved to become an all-weather road, it is a monument to industry and courage. The book was published by the Beaverlodge Historical Society and printed by Menzies Printers.

Beaverlodge & District Historical Association

Bert Mackey Family fonds

  • GPR 0596
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1948

The fonds consists of a 1941-1942 Canadian Wheat Board Permit for Art Mackey, listing the land owned by the permit holder and crops under cultivation; two 1942 Assessment Slips for Angeline Mackey from the MD of Grande Prairie No. 739; a 1944-1945 Canadian Wheat Board permit application for Art Mackey; a 1946 Assessment Slip for Art Mackey; 1948 Tax Notices for Angeline and Art Mackey; and a 1948 Tax Receipt from the MD of Grande Prairie No. 127 for Art Mackey.

Bert Mackey family

Big Bend Historical Committee fonds

  • GPR 0532
  • Fonds
  • 1981

The fonds consists of family histories, school and church histories, community services and activities histories and miscellaneous writings, news clippings and correspondence used for producing The Big Bend, a community history book covering the areas of Blueberry Creek, Blueberyy Mountain, Fourth Creek, Ksituan, Silver Valley, and Whitburn.

Big Bend Historical Committee

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