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Zouaves de Sorel.

La série porte sur les membres des Zouaves de Sorel vers 1930, soit Joseph Cléophas Bernard, aumônier, P. Cournoyer, vice-président, H. Lacombe, lieutenant, J. Laperrière, secrétaire archiviste, Gérard Lusignan, aumônier trésorier, Willie Martel, lieutenant, Jean-Louis Poirier, secrétaire correspondant, Joseph Rivet, président, Omer Valois, capitaine, L. Vilandré, lieutenant musique.<br/><br/>La série porte également sur les membres du club de hockey des Zouaves de Sorel pour la saison 1931-1932, soit: M. Ménard, J.O. Valois, Ph. Cournoyer, J.L. Poirier, Gérard Lusignan, N. Gingras, G. Marcotte, Ph. Dufault, L. Charbonneau, R. Valois, Alphérie Émond, N. Petit, [H. Kane], J.L. Forcier, J.J. Valois.<br/><br/>La série contient onze photographies en noir et blanc.

Zone Outaouais

Ce dossier témoigne de correspondance, du projet de concours littéraire proposé par Zone Outaouais, de tarifs publicitaires et d'un journal Zone Outaouais. On peut y retrouver des documents textuels


This series consists of a little over two boxes containing 411 files of negatives. <br/><br/>The series includes a range of organizations whose purpose is to support and/or fundraise for the State of Israel.<br/><br/>Subjects include the March to Jerusalem (yearly 25 kilometre march to raise funds for Israel), Israel Bond Organization (sale of Israeli bonds), ORT (Organization for Rehabilitation), the Montefiore Club fundraising dinners, Jewish National Fund, Negev dinners and Canadian Zionist Federation. <br/><br/>Also featured are photos depicting JNF (Jewish National Fund) telethon, posters, phones and maps, dinners, friendship reception at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the opening of fundraising campaign, visiting Jewish schools, reception with Bernard Lang (mayor of Cote St. Luc), cocktail party at Jack Cummings house showing interior of house, campaign kick-off at the offices of Richter, Usher & Vineberg, women in fashion clothing, Negev dinners at the Bonaventure and Queen Elizabeth Hotels, one of these honouring Stephen and Jack Cummings (philanthropists), lawyer Irwin Cotler speaking at an awards evening, receptions at the homes of Edward Bronfman and the Reitmans, receptions at La Diligence, Israel Day at Cavendish Mall, certificates, honour books and meetings. <br/><br/>A group of files shows events organized by ORT such as fashion shows, women in period costumes, meetings, a party celebrating their 100th anniversary (1880-1980) at La Diligence with women only, a Gala evening with actor Ricahrd Dreyfuss, a volleyball tournament, auction night at Chateau Champlain with Fraser Brothers auctioneers, their convention awarding certificates, casino night, the second-hand goods store called the Ortique shop on Park Avenue near Villeneuve portraying clothes, bags, books, and women at work, a bazaar, an art auction and women circle dancing. <br/><br/>The March to Jerusalem photos include the Cummings House and rest stops, marchers with Israeli flags, exteriors of Saidye Bronfman Centre on Cote St. Catherine Road corner Westbury Avenue, city streets, and Israel's 30th anniversary (1978). <br/><br/>The photos of Israel Bonds depict private receptions at women's homes, dinners, speaking, UN debate, award luncheon, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Itzhak Rabin (former Prime Minister of Israel), Woman of the Year award, dinner at Beth Zion Synagogue, cocktail parties, comedy gala at the Ritz Carlton Hotel with Tommy Schnurmacher, Phyllis Lambert (founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture) as a guest of honor, Shimon Perez (former Prime Minister of Israel), and the Young Adult Division Ball. <br/><br/>The Canadian Zionist Federation photos include a rally at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel with a banner in English, French and Hebrew, David Azrieli (philanthropist) speaking, Abba Eban (Ambassador to the United States) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, a meeting at the Israeli consulate, Israel Independence Day with Itzhak Levanon (Consul General of Israel), Boys' Town Jerusalem banquet, Canada-Israel banquet and ball at Place des Arts, Zubin Mehta (orchestra conductor), Itzhak Perlman (world-renowned violinist), their menorah emblem, Bialik schoool groups at Mirabel Airport leaving for Israel on an El Al flight, and the Israeli Consulate giving awards to Righteous Gentiles (Gentiles who saved Jews during the Holocaust).<br/><br/>Many of the photos in this series, while also Zionist in the broad sense, are more specifically focused on institutes and foundations with ties to the State of Israel. A few files in this series depict other, national organizations, such as Canadian Jewish Congress. <br/><br/>Examples of these are photos showing events of the friends of Ben Gurion University of the Negev such as a gala evening at the Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue with Saidye Bronfman and her grandson and Charles and Mrs. Bronfman, the regional conference on "Freedom from Hunger", private receptions, board of directors meetings, and lectures.<br/><br/>Other photos depict major events of the Israel Cancer Research Fund, friends of Bar Ilan University, the Weitzman Institute, and friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, (their work pertains to the Holocaust).<br/> <br/>Included also are photos of events of the United Israel Appeal and Canadian Jewish Congress: a Hanukkah candelabra, and the second conference for Yiddish.<br/><br/>The series is described on a file level in the DataEase database, form PCAT, code PC 16


ZILBER, Elena.

1 video interview by Tatiana Jour (in Russian), course calendar and list of courses for Russian Jews, Cummings Senior Centre. Program. Shows variety of courses offered to Russian speaking community

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