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Stephen Mandel collection

  • JHSE jhse-202
  • Collection
  • 2002-2008

Collection consists of records pertaining to Stephen Mandel, from 2002-2006, mainly concerning his political career, and includes photocopied newspaper clippings, election materials, posters and correspondence. Fonds also includes photographs depicting Stephen and Lynne Mandel, and a wedding invitation for their daughter, Rachel.

Mandel, Stephen

Students Finance Board sous-fonds.

  • CA PAA paa-6720
  • Fonds
  • 1907-1993, predominant 1973-93

Sous-fonds consists of administrative and operational records of the Board, including sample case files, Heritage Scholarship Fund brochures, committee meeting minutes, reports and correspondence. The records have been arranged into the following series:;Administrative records;Heritage Scholarship Fund brochures and sample application forms;Loan case files

Alberta. Ministry of Learning

Sturgeon County fonds

  • CA PAA paa-9167
  • Fonds
  • 1896 - 1974

The fonds consists of minutes, assessment and tax rolls, bylaws, and the following former local authorities of Sturgeon County dating from 1896 -- 1974. Local Improvement District No. 30, Local Improvement District 27-S-4, Statue, Labour, and Fire District No. 1, Local Improvement District 27-S-4, Statue Labour District No. 235 of Morrinville, Local Improvement District 28-S-4, Local Improvement District 28-S-4, Local Improvement District 548, Local Improvement District 578, Local Improvement District 549, Municipal District of Hazelwood No. 579, the Municipal District of Ray No. 549s, the Municipal District of Morinville No. 91, the Municipal District of Sturgeon River No. 9o, the Municipal District of Opal No. 578,;The fonds also includes a minute book of New Lunnon School District No. 294 dating from 1918 to 1938.

Sturgeon County

Surface Rights Board sous-fonds

  • CA PAA paa-6403
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1987

The sous-fonds consists of four series: Expropriation records from 1960 to 1980, General Correspondence from 1947 to 1981, Land Ownership Maps from 1947 to 1987, and Right of Entry records from 1929 to 1973.

Alberta. Department of Sustainable Resource Development

Talbot Hollies fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-1214
  • Fonds
  • 1888-1967, predominant 1923-1962

The fonds consists of Hollies' research reports and notes about coal (1923-1926) and waterworks (1929-1961); photographs of coal mining and construction of the Glenmore Dam; and photographs of the Hollies family and Fort Macleod pioneers.

Hollies, Talbot

Ulysses LaCasse fonds

  • CA WHYTE whyte-792
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1896-ca.1967]

Fonds consists of two series: I. Professional series, ca.1910-1949; II. Professional / personal life series, ca.1896-ca.1967. Professional series contains volumes of textual records, photograph albums and photographs in two sub-series: A. Warden and civil service papers and photographs, and B. Guiding and outfitting papers and photographs. Professional / personal life series contains volumes of textual records, as well as photographs, in two sub-series: A. Scrapbooks, and B. Other material. Textual records consist of warden journals, 1934-1949, and scrapbooks, 1911-1961. Journals record weather conditions, wildlife observations, enforcement, construction and maintenance duties, etc. around Castle Mountain and Lake Louise. Scrapbooks contain correspondence and memoranda, 1929-1948, from LaCasse's civil service career. Textual records also include diary of Mavis Benedict, 1917, kept during Caroline Hinman pack trips; copy of a ski trip diary; and biographical notes on LaCasse, ca.1950. Photograph albums pertain to a Caroline Hinman trip in the Mount Assiniboine area, 1917; Columbia Icefield expedition, 1924; and horse trips in the Canadian Rockies, ca.1925.

LaCasse, Ulysses

Village of Sexsmith fonds

  • GPR gpr-2812
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1957

The fonds consists of some papers from the 1947 and 1954 village elections and invoices and correspondence regarding the business of the Village of Sexsmith from 1943-1957. Included are invoices from Sexsmith Supplies Ltd., Canadian Utilities (for street lighting), Northern Alberta Railways, Municipal Supplies Ltd., Province of Alberta taxation notices, North Alberta Land Registration District, contract labourers, Grande Prairie Municipal Hospital District, Florist A.F. Hubler, M.D. of Grande Prairie No. 780, Saskatoon Fire Engine Company Ltd., McMillan Hardware, Midland & Pacific Grain Corporation. There is also a Government of the Province of Alberta invoice under The Old Age Pensions Act listing the five old age pensioners within the limits of the Village of Sexsmith.

Village of Sexsmith

Village of West Edmonton fonds

  • EDM edm-1800
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1922

The fonds consists of materials created by the Village of West Edmonton between 1910 and 1922. The fonds consists of these series: 1. Minutes (1910-1917) The fonds consists of council minutes for the village. 2. Financial Records (1910-1922) The series consists collector's roll, debentures, debentures register, and assessment and tax rolls for the village in a variety of periods between 1910 and 1922. 3. Correspondence (1913) The series consists of a small amount of official correspondence for the village.

Village of West Edmonton

Vulcan County fonds

  • CA PAA paa-9200
  • Fonds
  • 1906 - 1958

The fonds consists of the account books, assessment registers, assement rolls and general registers, minutes, cash books, by-laws, cash receipts and disbursements, and ledgers for the County of Vulcan No. 2, and the following former local authorities of Vulcan County dating from 1906 -- 1958: Local Improvement District 4-127, Local Improvement District 8-S-4, Local Improvement District 8-T-4, Local Improvement District 9-S-4, Local Improvement District 9-T-4, Local Improvement District No. 128, Local Improvement District No. 158, the Municipal District of Blackie No. 30, the Municipal District of Clifton No. 127, the Municipal District of Dinton No. 189, the Municipal District of Harmony No. 128, the Municipal District of Marquis No. 157, the Municipal District of Royal No. 158, the Municipal District of Vulcan No. 128, and the Village of Enchant. The fonds also includes vital statistics for the District of Reid Hill dating from 1908 -- 1929. In addition, the fonds contains a map of illustrating land boundaries of Vulcan County dating from 1970. The fonds also includes assessment and tax rolls, cash books, correspondence, inspector's reports Lomond Consolidated No. 20;of the following school districts dating from 1905 -- 1939:;Antrim # 3787: SE 17-20-24-W4, 1918 - ?;Berrywater #1968: 15-18-23-W4, 1909 - 1941;Brant #1201(Emerson): NE 27-18-26-W4, 1905 - ?;Derry # 3114: SW 14-18-25-W4, 1914 - 1943;Ensign # 2563: 31-17-25-W4, 1911 - 1954;Ferrodale # 1902(Vulcan): 5-17-24-W4, 1908 - ?;Harvey # 1597: SE 4-17-25-W4, 1907 - 1937;Hiawatha #1839: 19-15-21-W4, 1908 - ?;Highland #1508: 29-17-24-W4, 1906 - 1940;Kirkdale # 3613: SW 10-18-22-W4, 1918 - 1937;McIntyre # 3271: SW 26-17-25-W4, 1915 - 1921;Marshall South #1698: SW 22-16-22-W4, 1907 - 1943;Peace # 1134: SE 22-17-26-W4, 1904 - ?;Pleasant Grove # 1863: NW 28-18-25-W4, 1908 - ?;Red Cross # 3446: 17-18-24-W4, 1916 - 1949;Reid Hill # 1847: NE 26-16-23-W4, 1908 - ?;Richmond Hill #1827: 7-16-26-W4, 1908 - 1939;Sand Pit #4246: NE 17-17-23-W4, 1926 - ?;Saunderson # 2210: ?;Sunny Lake #4123: SE 23-17-22-W4, 1922 - ?;Sunset Valley #3236: 20-28-11-W4, 1924 -- 1933;Thigh Hill # 1593: NE 29-16-23-W4, 1906 - 1943;Trego # 4050: 22-20-25-W4, 1921 - ?;Union Jack #1865: 26-19-23-W4, 1908 - 1942;Wilderman # 1561: 4-19-26-W4, 1906 - ?

Vulcan County

Trude McLaren collection

  • EDM edm-1721
  • Collection
  • [197-?]

The fonds consists of two City of Edmonton Christmas cards with winter scenes of Edmonton from Alderman, Una MacLean Evans.

McLaren, Trude

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