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XV Olympic Winter Games, Olympic Plans and Miscellaneous Oversize Records fonds

  • CA ccg ccg-2082
  • Fonds
  • 1977-1988, predominant 1981-1988

The fonds consists of 3,448 plans, 37 posters, five pieces of art (drawings and sketches), three maps, three oversize aerial photo negatives, and a number of miscellaneous oversize items. Because there is no administrative structure to follow for the organization of these records, they have been grouped into two artificial series, the first consisting of the oversize plans and maps, and the second made up of the posters, aerial photo negatives and other miscellaneous items which did not fit into the first series. The majority of plans have been placed into oversize map folders and map cabinets. A few plans have been placed into one oversize box and some miscellaneous oversize items have been placed onto shelves. Each series has a number of sub series. There are 15 sub series in Series I, arranged by venue. Sub series xiv is made up of plans which were originally bound or grouped together because of the nature of the facility or operation described in the plans rather than by the venue where the construction was taking place. For more information regarding the XV Olympic Winter Games, Olympic Plans and Miscellaneous Oversize Records scope/content information, please link to the City of Calgary Archives homepage and click on the "fonds level descriptions" link.

XV Olympic Winter Games, Olympic Plans and Miscellaneous Oversize Records

Workers' Compensation Board sous-fonds

  • CA PAA paa-6738
  • Fonds
  • 1918-2001

Consist of records created by the Board's executive and administration in the performance of the its mandated functions, including claims processing and review, hearing appeals to compensation decisions, providing advisory services to claims appellants, employer assessment, executive management, investigation of fraudulent claims for compensation, medical assessments of disability and impairment, workplace injury reduction programs, and administrative support to the Board. The sous-fonds consists of a variety of types of case files, meeting minutes, correspondence and reports, records of appeal hearings, and financial records. The records of the sous-fonds have been arranged into the following series. Advisory services for appeals case files;Claims and adjudication general operational records;Claims review case files;Closed claimant case files;Complaints records;Corporate registry records;Employer assessment records;Executive Board minutes;Financial records;<em>Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act</em> administration records;Formal claims appeals hearing records;Legal action case files;Medical assessment records;Personnel records;Public relations records;Work Injury Reduction program records

Alberta. Ministry of Human Resources and Employment

XV Olympic Winter Games, Olympic Photograph Collection fonds

  • CA ccg ccg-2081
  • Collection
  • 1977-1988, predominant 1981-1988

The fonds consists of approximately 40,000 photo images (prints, transparencies and negatives) created or commissioned by the Communications Group, one of the six Groups which made up OCO. Most of them are from the Information Services Division. Some, mostly duplicates of those from Information Services, are from Products and Advertising and from Community Relations. All of this material is in English. Most of the images are in colour, the transparencies are 35mm and enclosed in slide cases, and photo prints are 8 x 10" or smaller. Some of what are referred to as negatives are in fact internegatives made from transparencies. This material is in very good physical condition. These photo images were commissioned and created for the purposes of publicizing the 1988 Olympic Winter Games before they occurred, of educating people about the Games, and of documenting preparation for the Games and the Games themselves. OCO'88 used them as research material and as a record of its activities. For more information regarding the XV Olympic Winter Games, Olympic Photograph Collection scope/content information, please link to the City of Calgary Archives homepage and click on the "fonds level descriptions" link.


Wilson Reilly family fonds

  • MED med-625
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1951-1952]

The fonds consists of a portrait of Wilson Reilly, former Mayor of Medicine Hat, 1951-1952.

Reilly, Wilson

Wardin Johnson fonds

  • MED med-139
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1906]-1955

The fonds consists of: an airmail envelope addressed to W.J. Johnson containing a card of greeting from His Majesty George VI and Queen Elizabeth sent from the Royal Train (1939); Golden Jubilee Senior Citizen's Award issued to Wardin Johnson (1955); 2 images of the Medicine Hat Post Office and the CPR Gardens.

Johnson, Wardin

Wesley F. Orr fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-1800
  • Fonds
  • 1849-1972, predominant 1849-1898

The fonds consists of Orr's diaries (1849-1887, 1893-1897), indexed letterbooks (1888-1897), certificates, and account books; and family correspondence, autograph albums, family photographs, newsclippings and scrapbook. LETTERS TO/ABOUT THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE/SUBJECTS ARE IN THE LETTERBOOKS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS AND FOR A MORE COMPREHENSIVE LIST: Lord Campbell Gordon Aberdeen, Alberta Southern Railway, George Alexander, James Alexander, William H. Atkinson, Hon. A.R. Augers, John Bain, John A. Bangs, James Bannerman, James W. Barclay, William Barker, Reginald Barthorp, Lewis Baxter, John Beattie, Margaret Beattie, Charles Beck, Mayor Bentley, H.D. Beveridge, J.W. Boss, O.H. Bott, Robert George Brett, J.S. Brisco, N.E. Brooks, Samuel Brown, William Brown, George Barclay Bruce, buffalo bones, A.M. Burgess, Acton Burrows, W.C. Caldwell, Calgary Agricultural Society, Calgary-Alberta and Montana Railway, Calgary Herald, Calgary Tribune, Arthur L. Cameron, Alexander Campbell, Canadian Agricultural, Coal and Colonization Co., Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) (passenger traffic, repair shops and stations), Alfred Carey, Hon. John Carling, James Carroll, Hugh S. Cayley, Chinese, Duke of Connaught, W.G. Conrad, Charles F. Conybeare, J. Creagh, Mr. Justice A. Cross, Crowsnest Pass Railway, William H. Cushing, Thomas Mayne Daley, Donald Watson Davies, Edgar Dewdney, W.H. de Wolf, Frank Dick, Howard Douglas, electric lighting, R. Elliott, A.J. Ellis, William Fisk, J.G. Fitzgerald, George Fleming, James Forrest, I.S. Freeze, Leonard Gaetz, W.J. Gage, Mayor C. Gallagher, Paul Gaston, Edward F. Gigot, R.B. Gordon, Great North West Central Railway, Rev. Sister Green, A.F. Grady, James Grierson, Harold Gruner, John A. Hamilton, L.A. Hamilton, Col. Josiah Harris, Frederick Haultain, George Hellier, James Henderson, High River Coal Mine, G. Hiller, Hudson's Bay and Pacific Railway Co., William Roper Hull, John A. Ingram, Col. Atcheson Gosford Irvine, R.A. James, Hon. J.H. Jameson, Robert Kerr, James Delamere Lafferty, John Lineham, James A. Lougheed, Dr. Lovingheart, Alexander Lucas, lumber trade, Alexander McBride, George W. McBride, Peter McCarthy, Rev. John McDougall, Walter McIntosh, J.S. Mackie, James A. McKenzie, Hon. Charles H. Mackintosh, D. McLean, C. McMillan, James A. McMillan, H.W. McNeill, Charles A. Magrath, Miss J.M. Malloy, Supt. Richard Marpole, George Morrison, John T. Moore, George Morrilaws, James Muir, Augustus Meredith Nanton, John Ryerson Neff, John Niblock, Frank Oliver, Adam C. Orr, James Orr, J.G. Osborne, J.T. Pattison, William Pearce, F.W. Pettit, Bishop Pinkham, prostitution, public welfare, James Quinn, A.G. Ramsay, Silas Alexander Ramsay, William T. Ramsay, Red Deer Valley Railway, William Reid, Daniel Riley, J.B. Ritchards, Rocky Mountain Railway, Norman Ross, Amos Rowe, Joseph Royal, sanatoriums, Saskatchewan Homestead and Colonization Co., W.B. Scarth, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred C. Schreiber, Henry Scott, Sheep Creek Coal Mine, Arthur L. Sifton, Clifford Sifton, Leopold Slatterly, smallpox, smelting, John Stewart, McLeod Stewart, Thomas Stone, David Suitor, Thomas Sutherland, Harry Symons, W.B. Thorne, H. Villard, Major James Walker, William V. Walsh, F. White, Frank White, Harry White, Gen. Supt. F. Whyte, Rev. Thomas G. Williams, and Mrs. Fred Wood.

Orr, Wesley Fletcher

Russell Burgess family fonds

  • GPR gpr-2653
  • Fonds
  • 1934-1991

The fonds consists of 1 portrait of the 1934 Grande Prairie Town Council, 13 photographs of parades and town landmarks, 1 photograph of Russell with Bob Keyes and Bob Ross, 1 photograph of Al Wright's model aircraft and 1 photograph of Ken Burgess, fireman, in front of the burning rubble of the Donald Hotel; 1 souvenir issue of The Daily Herald Tribune featuring a Grande Prairie High School reunion in 1979; a copy of a program from the fourth Soap Box Derby in Dawson Creek; and an obituary card for Russell Burgess.

Burgess, Russell

Trapp family fonds

  • CA EDSON edson-39
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1931, 1935-1938, 1987, 1997

This fonds consists of cookbooks, cartoons, clippings, family history, and photographs created or used by various members of the Trapp family.

Trapp (family)

Tom Kirkham Oral History Project collection

  • CA GLEN glen-1382
  • Collection
  • 1977-1982

The collection consists of recorded interviews. Transcripts are available for nine of the interviews. INTERVIEWS WITH THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE ARE IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Robert Armstrong, Peter Aumonier, Betty Baker, G. Keith Bevans, Abe Bickman, Gary Bikman, Gordon Black, Don Blake, Fred Blake, R.F.P. "Puddy" Bowman, Marty Boyce, John Breckenridge, Florence Campbell, Joseph Caruana, John C. Charyk, Harry W. Clark, Ernest Corbett, Samuel G. Coultis, Clarence Crockett, Carl B. Cummer, William P. Davidson, Frank Dawley, William Dick, Arthur H. Dixon, Frank Fallwell, E. Fielder, E.C. "Pat" Fitt, Robert Fleming, Don Frache, Bill Gillott, Dick Girardi, Albert Goodwin, Ruth Gorman, Alva Gross, John Hamilton, George Ho Lem, Art Hollings, Mrs. Rickie Horodezky, Charles Hubman, Bob Hulbert, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson, Doug Johnson, John Kapalka, Peter Karsten, Harold J. Kellam, Mart Kenney, Owen Kenney, James Kerr, Ernie Kipp, Thomas W. Kirkham, Stanley Kitchen, Steven Kotch, Eugene Kush, Lorne Laidlaw, Ike Lanier, Vic Lewis, Robert L. Llewellyn, G. Webb Lomas, Keith Matthews, Fred J. Mellen, Hugh McCarthy, Richard McLaren, Barbara Moore, Pearl Morrison, Joseph Moscovitch, Harry Musgrove, James Nesbitt, Gordon B. Nicoll, Harry F. O'Hanlon, Carl V. Pearson, Mary-Jane Piotrowski, Hans Pfister, Marie Podbielski, Tommy Price, Orville Reber, C.W. Redfern, Donald C. Remington, J. Kenneth Ringland, Herbert Ripley, Philip Rogers, Fred J. Ronicker, Bertha Rosewarn, Harold Routledge, Ken Ruttle, David Schriner, Steve Sears, Gerry C. Shapter, A.W. "Archie" Sheffield, Dr. A.E. Shore, Art Simpson, Wayne Smith, Alan Spencer, Eleanor "Nell" Spragins, Robert F. Spragins, Rod Stafford-Mayer, Carly Stewart, Carl Stone, J. Ivor Strong, James Tamagi, Myron Thompson, Alrik Tiberg, Alvie Tillotson, Judge Louis Sherman Turcotte, William J. Watts, H.K. "Pat" Williams, Clifford Willmott, and Noel Wilson.

Kirkham, Tom

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