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Medical manuscript

  • CA MNBM ID55
  • Fonds
  • [18-?]

The fonds consists of a one volume, handwritten medical manuscript.

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OCI 50th Anniversary Celebration records

Series consists of material created or accumulated by Jodi Braunton, Manager, Research Communications, in preparation for the 50th anniversary celebrations for the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI). Series includes photocopies of background research on the history of OCI, information on James Till, publisher’s galley for E.A. McCulloch’s book “The Ontario Cancer Institute: Successes and Reverses at Sherbourne Street”, and original correspondence from H.E. Johns to Dr. C.L. Ash and Mr. N.C. Urquhart regarding Dr. John’s acceptance of the position of Senior Physicist at OCI in 1955.

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Dr. O. Harold Warwick fonds

  • ON00343 OHW
  • Fonds
  • 2006-2008

Fonds consists of letters, cards and photographs documenting the relationship between Dr. O. Harold Warwick and former patient Archibald (Archie) Reid. In addition, fonds also includes two copies of an unpublished memoir by Mr. Reid entitled “Diary of an Illness” which recounts Mr. Reid’s experience of cancer. The second copy of this manuscript includes Dr. Warwick’s editorial comments. A photocopy of the case of A.R. as published in Tilden C. Everson and Warren H. Cole, Spontaneous Regression of Cancer (W. B. Saunders Company, 1966) is also included.

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Research Annual Reports

Series consists of printed Annual Reports from UHN Research. There is no printed report for 2007 as the annual report was only published electronically.

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UHN News

Series consists of the printed issues of UHN News. UHN News made its debut on November 13th, 2000. It was a title change to the existing “Caring Together” weekly newsletter and continued its volume and issue numbering. The first issue of UHN News was therefore Volume 4, Number 46. UHN News was published by the Department of Public Affairs & Communications for and about the staff of the University Health Network, but the newsletter was also available throughout the hospital and therefore easily accessible to patients and visitors. Other than the change in title, the other key transformation for the hospital’s newsletter was that it was now also available as a “virtual” newsletter on the home page of University Health Network’s Corporate Intranet. While the same core news and information found in the paper version would also appear on the Intranet site, the online version was also designed to provide an expanded, more immediate, and more in-depth news service. Over time, the online news content increased as the content in the printed newsletter decreased.

There were occasional errors in the numbering of issues and volumes. Most notably in 2011, issues 1-10 are printed as Volume 15 while all subsequent issues starting with number 11 from 2011 are incorrectly printed as Volume 16. In 2012, the Volume is still listed as 16 but the issue numbering restarts at number 1. Therefore there would be two different issues listed as Volume 16, Number 11 etc., one from 2011 and one from 2012. For identification purposes it is therefore important to note the dates of the issues and not simply the volume and issue number.

The collection of issues is incomplete. No issues from Volumes 5-7 have been transferred to the Archives. Issues 1-19 of Volume 12 (2008) were not transferred to the Archives. Additional issues may be missing from each volume.

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Rikki Swin Institute transgender collection

  • Fonds
  • 2001 - 2003

The Rikki Swin Institute transgender collection consists of the following fonds: Rikki Swin Institute fonds, Ari Kane fonds, International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) fonds, and the Virginia Prince fonds. The IFGE fonds includes material from Betty Ann Lind and Merissa Sherrill Lynn.

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Bell Wing and Clinical Services Building photographs

Series consists of photographs documenting the destruction of the TGH Bell Wing and the construction of the Clinical Services Building. These photographs were taken by Dr. Cowan from his offices across the street at Cancer Care Ontario (620 University Avenue, Toronto, 15th and 13th floors) from May 2001 to July 2003, in order to document the event. Eight of these pictures were used by UHN’s Public Affairs Department at the official opening of the Clinical Services Building. Photographs had been arranged by Dr. Cowan in a binder entitled <i>Toronto General Hospital Pictures Before & After</i> and divided by film number and date. These divisions are reflected in the file titles.

University Health Network record group

  • ON00343 RG 2
  • Record group
  • 1999 -

The record group includes seven fonds:

UHN 1 Policy and Codes Development fonds
UHN 2 Board of Directors fonds
UHN 3 Public Affairs & Communications fonds
UHN 4 Nutrition Services fonds
UHN 5 Radiation Medicine Program fonds
UHN 6 Research fonds
UHN 7 Health Records Services fonds

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University Health Network ephemera collection

  • ON00343 UHN-EC
  • Collection
  • 1999-2011

The University Health Network ephemera collection is an assembly of material that have been accumulated by the UHN Archives from a variety of disparate sources including, but not limited to, family members of former staff or students, other repositories, or anonymous donations. Collection consists of publications and reports. Material in the collection relates to the history of the University Health Network.

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Board of Trustees fonds

Fonds consists of two series of minutes, from the hospital’s Annual General Meetings and Board of Trustees meetings respectively:

2.1 Annual General Meeting minutes
2.2 Minutes of the Board of Trustees

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