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Commerce and industry
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Canadian Bank of Commerce fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-541
  • Fonds
  • Copied 1960 (originally created 1906)

The fonds consists of photographs of banks and street scenes in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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Boorne and May fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-281
  • Fonds
  • 1883-1907

The fonds consists of traveller's sample book of photographs of mountain scenes, the British Columbia interior, CPR points and railway bridges, tunnels, trains and workers (1889). Includes photographs of native people and a Blood sun dance (1887); of May, his wife, family and ranch (1885-1907); of Boorne, his Manitoba homestead, and the Calgary studio; and experimental photographs (1883-1884). Includes his article, "With the Savages in the Far West", published in the Canadian Photographic Journal, 1893. Also includes a diary of Boorne's cousin Ernest May (1897).

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Isaac Sanford Freeze fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-989
  • Fonds
  • 1883-1921

The fonds consists of personal letters to his wife, and family photographs. The letters were written to his wife Evelyn in New Brunswick, before she came to Calgary to join him. The letters describe his trip across Canada, his early life in Calgary, the establishment of his grocery store, and the arrival of the railway to Calgary (page 32). Some letters are missing pages.

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C.W. Rowley fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-2003
  • Fonds
  • 1904-1924, predominant 1904-1910

The fonds consists of letterbooks regarding bank business (1904-1907); photographs of the family and their home (ca. 1910); and Kate's wedding invitation (1924).

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Grande Prairie Garage

Photograph of Grande Prairie Garage on 100th Street and 101 Avenue in Grande Prairie. The Garage was located on 100th Street and 100th Avenue and was owned by J.O. Watson. It burnt down in 1954.

Peter Prince fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-1893
  • Fonds
  • 1875-1926

The fonds consists of business papers, various songbooks, and miscellaneous papers.

Sans titre

Sexsmith, Alberta

Bird's eye view of Sexmith from the west, taken in 1929 from the top of one of the elevators. Identified businesses include Halvor Gaara Farm Lands, and The Leader Stores Ltd.

Sexsmith, Alberta

Sexmith, Alberta in 1929, showing six grain elevators, the first railway station, and horses, cars and signs on main street.

Hythe, Alberta

Bird's eye view of Hythe, Alberta seen from the south-west in 1929. The Donald Hotel is on the far right.

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