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Oil Sands Oral History Project fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-3884
  • Fonds
  • 2011-2013

The fonds consists of interviews with Mickey Abougoush, Brad Anderson, David Armstrong, Jack Avery, Gene Bacon, John Barr, Guy Boutilier, Clem Bowman, Cliff Britch, John Broadhurst, Larry Brocke, Elmer Brooker, David Brown, Gerry Burden, Terry Burton, Neil Camarta, Maurice Carrigy, Jim Carter, Bill Cary, Harbir Chhina, Chuck Collyer, Ted Cyr, Lester Deep, Gerry DeSorcy, Bill Dickie, Howard Dingle, Richard Dixon, Grant Duncan, Maurice Dusseault, Neil Edmunds, Alan Fair, Keith Firmin, Charlie Fischer, Rick George, Ned Gilbert, Ray Gillespie, Simon Gittins, George Govier, Murray Gray, Ron Gray, Hassan Hamza, Maggie Hanna, Jack Haston, Toshiku Hirata, Chris Holoboff, Ernie Hui, Bill Humphreys, Al Hyndman, Eddy Isaacs, Dave Krook, Bert Lang, Vern Larson, Peter Lougheed, Richard Luhning, Jean Lund, Neil Lund, Donald S. Macdonald, Hans Maciej, Bert MacKay, Preston Manning, Dee Parkinson Marcoux, Jacob Masliyah, Bill McAffrey, Bob McClements, Neil McCrank, Anne McLellan, Bill Mooney, Norbert Morgenstern, Tom Morimoto, Arthur Morris, Jane Morris, Prakash Mullick, Patricia Nelson, Eric Newell, Randy Ottenbreit, Fred Otto, Harold Page, Albert Poulette, Paul Precht, Carolyn Preston, Roland Priddle, David Redford, Joy Romero, Robert Rosen, Brian Rottenfusser, Germain Routhier, Mark Ruschkowski, David Ryan, Bob Scarborough, David Schindler, Glen Schmidt, Brent Scott, Tony Settari, John M. Shaw, Mary Clark Sheppard, Cal Sikstrom, Gail Simpson, Kem Singh, Robert Skinner, George Skulsky, Bruce Slevinsky, Nell Spragins, Gerry Stephenson, Barry Stewart, Bruce Stewart, Jack Suggett, Michael Supple, Ron Taylor, Don Thompson, Don Towson, Ron Wallace, Allan Warrack, Kathryn Wood, Barry Worbets, Chi-Tak Yee, K.C. Yeung, and Erdal Yildirim.

Oil Sands Oral History Project

Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia / EKOS Communications video history collection

  • Collection
  • 2000 - 2008

<p>Collection consists of video history interviews with park pioneers, as well as some events, created by EKOS Communications in partnership with the <a href=""> Elders Council for Parks of British Columbia </a>to commemorate the 100th anniversary of BC Parks in 2011.<p>The Elders Council is an independent society, whose members are retired parks system employees and conservation advocates who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to parks and protected areas in BC. These interviews served as source material for the documentary <a href=""> BC Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Recreation and Protection.</a></p><p>EKOS Communications first launched in 2005 as with the goal of creating Canada's first independent new media channel. ekostv was re-envisioned in 2007 as EKOS Communications, Inc. which providing environmental education and communication services. Clients included Parks Canada, BC Parks, Natural Resources Canada, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Metro Vancouver, and Union of BC Municipalities. EKOS Communications’ services included project management, video production, audio production, web design and development, community animation, group process and facilitation, research and writing, communications strategy, communications consultation, environmental education, curriculum design, development and evaluation.</p><p>In December 2010, EKOS Communications Inc. dissolved and was re-formed as EKOS Communications under the sole proprietorship of creator, president and executive producer Rick Searle. As of April 2011, other chief officers of EKOS Communications included Creative Director/Writer Starr Munro, Editor/Shooter Richard Fulop, and Webmaster Prarie Blake. EKOS Communications’ stated mission is “to assist with the rapid advancement of ecological literacy and sustainability through environmental education and communication;” “Combining video, audio, animation, and print with new media innovations, EKOS Communications connects people more deeply with each other to work together for the betterment of the planet.”</p><p>Standard questions were used in most of the interviews and included dates of employment/association with BC Parks, parks worked in, greatest challenges, accomplishments and regrets, lessons learned, hopes for provincial park system today and mentors.</p><p>Interviewers included Rick Searle. Interviewees: Bob Ahrens, Victor Bopp, Bert Brink, Luc Campeau, Ric Careless, Jim Delikatny, Yorke Edwards, Ken Farquharson, Milt Goddard, Don Gough, Herb Green, Gordon MacDonald, Ed Mankelow, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, Tom Moore, Denis O’Gorman, David Stirling, Bob Williams and John Woodworth.</p>

Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia

Deseronto Archives photographic collection

  • Collection
  • 1997-2007

The photographs are arranged by subject matter and cover activities in and around the town of Deseronto, Ontario. The majority date from the late nineteenth century and many depict the lumber-related industries of the Rathbun Company in Deseronto. There are also photographs of school groups, churches, railways, First World War airfields and portraits of Deseronto citizens.

Public Access Silviculture Information System Committee fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1991 - 1993

The fonds consists of files documenting the silviculture issues considered by PASIS, and are arranged under the following series: Biodiversity and Forest Management, BC Reforestation Methods, Clearcutting, Forest Resource Development, Government Implementation of its Laws and Policies, Pesticide/Herbicide Concern, Public Awareness, and Correspondence and Reports.

Public Access Silviculture Information System Committee

Andrew Nikiforuk fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-3790
  • Fonds
  • 1990-2009

The fonds consists of research materials relating to his writings including tar sands, Wiebo Ludwig, Port Radium, BSE (mad cow disease), feedlots, landowners disputes with oil companies, etc.

Nikiforuk, Andrew

Turner Valley Oilfield Society Oral History Project collection

  • CA GLEN glen-2298
  • Collection
  • 1990-1992

The collection consists of recorded interviews with the following individuals: Elmer Anderson, Ethel Anderson, Geoff Andrews, Alf Baines, Bea Barker, Lawrence Barker, Billy Bews, Josephine Bews, Janet Patterson Blanchet, Melvina Briggs, Robert E. Lee "Bob" Brown, Ernie Carter, Donald Coultis, Edna Coultis, Garry Coultis, Fred Cowling, Archie Daniels, George de Mille, Pat de Mille, Florence Denning, Jim Donnelly, Irene Gibbons Dyck, Maurice Edwards, James H. Gray, Howard Harris, Jean Harris, Alex Hartell, Lillian Hartell, A.G. "Red" Kennedy, Joe Korczynski, Frances Kyllo, Gladys Lake, Bill Lockhart, Jean Macleod, Freda McArthur, Beatrice McGonigle, Bill McGonigle, Wayne McGonigle, Jim McInnis, Doris McInnis, Bill McIntyre, Alex McKellar, Edna McKellar, Lenore Bews McLean, Mary McRae, Gordon Minue, W.O. "Bill" Mitchell, Erick Mulder, Lillias Mulder, Alan Patterson, Marigold Patterson, Ruth Pearson, G. "Bus" Rivett, Derek Runciman, Mike Schintz, Gerry Schultz, Mildred Schultz, John Schumacher, Rick Smith, Sandi Smith, Ralph Steen, Pat Tourond, Lorraine Tourond, Tommy Trotter, Milt Ward, Lawrence Watrin, Virginia Watrin, A.S. "Bud" Widney, Geraldine Widney, Charlie Woo, and Percy Wray.

Turner Valley Oilfield Society

Tom Kennedy's Panarctic Oils collection

  • CA GLEN glen-1363
  • Collection
  • 1986-1988

The collection consists of research notes and recorded interviews for Quest. The following people were interviewed: Grey Alexander, John Andriuk, Judith Armitage, R.J. Armstrong, Jim Atkinson, Jack Austin, Celia Beal, Bob Blair, Rod Brooks, R.J. Brown, Alan Bryant, Bob Campbell, Jean Chretien, Don Connolly, Eric Connelly, Pierre Cote, Ewen Cottrell, David Craig, Lynn Cross, Marshall Crowe, Bob Currie, Doc Dixon, Rod Douglas, Neil Fluker, Glen Fox, J.L. Franklin, Lynn Fross, Jack Gallagher, Alan Gates, Stan Harding, Jake Harp, Dallas Hawkin, Charles Hetherington, Mark Hinton, Gordon Hood, Bill Hopper, Digby Hunt, Andy Janich, Dr. Gordon Jones, Pat Jurisic, Steve Kaye, John King, Peter Kutney, Jim Learmont, John Lee, Howard Leslie, Helmut Linsser, Fred Mannix, Dick Matthews, D.P. Macdonald, John A. MacDonald, Don McGavin, A.M. McKenzie, Sam McKinley, Gary McLaren, Bob Merritt, W.R. Newman, E. Palliser, Maurice Palmer, Doug Parker, Mike Pegler, Rob Peters, Rea Point, Rolli Prather, Red Ratke, Jack Ray, Bill Richards, Bill Rimmer, Saul Rothman, Wilton Scott, Doc Seaman, W. Seben, Barry Singleterry, Mr. Sproule, Jim Standford, Lou Starck, Len Storvold, Jim Strain, Don Taylor, John Taylor, Charles Templeton, Bob Thomas, Gary Weyman, Doug Whylett, Mr. Wilton, Don Wolcott, and Len Youell.

Kennedy, Tom

Petroleum History Society fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-3458
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1986-2010]

The fonds consists of administrative files, sound and video recordings of monthly meetings, which include speeches by Richard Shaw, John Downing, Hugh Leiper, Andrew Nikiforuk, Leroy Field, David Finch, Stan Pearson, Kirsten Olseon/Myrene Hayes, John Ballem, Herb Laycraft, Ian H. MacKay, Ian Clarke/Monica Field, Norman Lussier, Robert Bott, Frank Dabbs, David Mitchell, and Craig Lamb.

Petroleum History Society

Wayne Choquette fonds

  • FTST MS 33
  • Fonds
  • photocopied [1985]

Fonds consists of copies of textual records of Wayne Choquette from 1971-1974, 1976, 1977, 1982, and 1984. Includes reports on the Libby Dam, 1971-1973; Kootenay River, 1972; Elk River, 1973; Kootenay region, 1974, 1977, 1982; coal developments, 1976, and the Wild Horse River, 1984.

Choquette, Wayne

Sealeigh Park Strata Development Corporation fonds

  • BOW MS 28
  • Fonds
  • 1980 - 1992

The fonds consists of records created and collected by the Sealeigh Park Strata Development Corporation and two subsidiaries: the Adams Road Development Water Utility and the Sealeigh Park Water Users Society. The records contain legal and financial documents, minutes and memoranda, maps, plans, reports and collected reference materials.

Sealeigh Park Strata Development Corporation

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