Tom Innes fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-37 [Unsuccessful budget breaking attempt for Calgary, Alberta.] Item February 8, 1974
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-38 "Eyeball to Eyeball" Item February 12, 1974
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-42 "Who are you calling a a..hic..drunk?" Item February 23, 1974
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-47 "How do you drive this thing?" Item March 5, 1974
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-51 "Rumor has it, it was caught streaking." Item March 16, 1974
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-55 "Look.... up in the sky... it's a bird... it's a plane.... no... it's a politician." Item March 27, 1974
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-61 "David! This is one hell of a time to go streaking." Item April 26, 1974
is-glen-cartoon-m-8787-104 [Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau chucks out campaign promises.] Item 1974
is-glen-cartoon- m-8787-111 "... And they say there's too much violence on tv." Item October 10, 1974
is-glen-cartoon- m-8787-125 "The other shoe" Item November 14, 1974
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